Who can You Trust?

Yes, we are all growing weary of this campaign season. We are bombarded every day with new information about this candidate or that one. Choosing the person who will be seen as the leader of our country is an ominous responsibility. It all boils down to this- Who can we trust?

As a Nation, we have grown so distrustful. One by one, every authority we have relied on is betrayed. We hear of corrupt teachers, religious leaders, policemen, judges. Even in the world of sports, the fans do not trust the officials who are close to the action. They want to see a replay on a huge screen so that they can make the call.

Why is this? We have grown so unsure of any authority figure, that we want to decide for ourselves. As if we are the ones who are most qualified to decide. With the advent of the internet, we think we can find proof to back us up, but if we examine those sources, we become even more confused. Just because something has been shared millions of times, that does not make it true.

So, we are back to the question of trust. When making any decision, we must have a final authority. Someone we put all of our belief in, someone we can rely on to never betray us.

Proverbs 3:5 says “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not on thine own understanding.” Here is our base, our foundation. With much prayer and faith, we can make every decision. He is the authority. The next verse gives us a promise. If we share with others the source of our strength, He will be with us. “In all thy ways acknowledge him, and He will direct thy paths.”

Trust in the Lord. He will direct you.

5 thoughts on “Who can You Trust?”

  1. It’s been a tumultuous year for the US, hasn’t it? I don’t envy you your election process…it seems to drag on way too long compared to our Canadian process. I can see how trust keeps slipping. Love how you bring it back to God and his promises. He’s the one we know we can trust no matter what. Somehow concentrating on that makes everything else easier to bear.

  2. That’s one positive this election is doing, it’s forcing people to realize that God is sovereign. He is our Lord & King and no president can usurp His place. So, no matter what happens with this election, God still reigns.

  3. I was reminded this morning of one of my favorite quotes from Anne of Green Gables, when she says “The sun will keep rising and setting whether I fail in geometry or not,” and it’s how I feel about this election: no matter who is sworn in on Jan. 20, the sun will keep on rising and setting, and God will still, forever and always, be LORD of all. Thanks for the reminder, Jenny, to put our faith in God and not in man!

  4. Well, the one thing that this election brings to mind is where do we sit on the issues that face us as Christians today? How do we feel about the actions of the candidate vs. their platform, or lack thereof. I’ve become less trusting of the media than I ever have which gives me a chance to look further into things and decide for myself. And then I take all of that information to the source, the one I trust, the Bible. And I’m encouraged once more. Great reminder as I think about the final debate tonight.

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