This Year Under My Tree…

presents-under-the-christmas-treeWhile I am usually the one in the group who wants the newest in technology, this year’s Christmas list is a little heavier in the more antiquated forms of their more modern counterparts.

Coming in number one on the list is a record player.

And of course, if you have the good ol’ turntable, you need a little vinyl to go with it. A little Peter, Paul and Mary with the newest Adele that comes out this week would make a pretty good remix, if you ask me.

Then last but not least, a typewriter. That’s right, the old clickity-clacking, ribbon-winding, bell-ringing typewriter. An Underwood if possible. Perhaps the feel of the keys and the sounds of the strikes will help motivate those uncooperative characters of mine.

So, why the desire to have these old devices as part of my Christmas wishes this year? The answer is quite simple, we need this kind of simplicity in our lives. We need to unplug and reflect. Remember the times when you actually shook hands to seal a deal, spoke to people with respect and manners, and felt safe in the confines of the establishments you visited to make purchases and enjoy a little entertainment. Perhaps if enough people revisited this time, we could finally have what should top the world’s Christmas list… PEACE!

6 thoughts on “This Year Under My Tree…”

  1. Kim,

    You make a terrific point, Kim. We all need to find peace and that would be reflected in the communities.

    I have a record player. I love it. I have all of my albums and 45’s from my youth that I still LOVE to listen to and you can’t find on a CD.

  2. My 30-year old turn table died recently. 🙁 It’s good to see them making a comeback, because I have way too many record albums needing to be played! I did sell off my IBM Selectric a few years back because I just don’t have room for it. But it was a wonderful machine! ~~~ Admittedly, I’ve been very resistant to all the modern technology. Now I love my computer, that I won’t do without, but give me an old-fashioned book to hold rather than my Kindle. I’d still much rather use my landline, than be anchored by a cell phone. And I love use an actual paper map or atlas to get me places. There’s something about manually tracing your route that’s more fun than having a computerized voice tell you where to go. 🙂

  3. It’s amazing to me how vinyl has made a comeback. I walk through Barnes & Noble and there’s a table full of albums! Maybe we had something right way back when. 🙂

  4. My dad (an audiophile from WAY back!) got me a turntable a couple of years ago. I LOVE IT. I have several old albums, and I love to drag out my old Christmas vinyl. My daughter has one, but it has yet to make the trek to NYC with her crate o’ vinyl. I miss a typewriter. There’s something about a machine that ONLY DOES ONE THING that is a little fascinating! 🙂 Good picks, Kim!!

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