Where’s Your Treasure?

Do you have any collections? Teapots? Shoes? Gold coins hidden in your basement?

For the last month, I’ve been sorting through my parent’s rather extensive antique and collectible collection. Comic books, primitives, jewelry, Union Pacific china, depression glass, cut glass, pressed glass, and toys–oh, the toys! And did I mention the 150+ Campbell soup collectibles?

img_0190I’m cleaning, sorting, cataloging, and pricing these treasures in preparation for an antique estate sale at the end of October. Of course, the family will also take some of the antiques as keepsakes, but none of us could possibly house this collection.

My father, a railroad employee and farmer, was a savvy buyer, and he saw buying antiques as an investment. When they started collecting, they changed the garage into an antique room. Since we had a farm with other buildings, we didn’t need the garage. Collecting was something he and mother enjoyed doing together, and it fostered a great appreciation for history in all of us.

362As I’ve gone through these items, the memories have flooded in. Seeing what my mother loved at 50 now through my own 50 year old eyes, made me appreciate her anew. She loved beautiful plates. They were pieces of art to her. As a teenager, I remember thinking it was strange anyone would stare at a hand painted plate, and yet now, I find myself doing the same thing.

My siblings and I have talked about how we know that these things don’t hold the memories; our hearts do. Still, it’s hard to let the treasures go. Then I remembered that my parents also knew where their real treasure was. It was in Christ Jesus, and the beauty they are seeing today is so much greater than can be captured on any plate. That’s the real treasure they left us.

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”–Matt. 6:21


Where’s your treasure? What is going to last? What items do you own that belonged to your parents or grandparents do you cherish?