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Today is National Vanilla Pudding Day

With a little research, I learned vanilla pudding dates back to the 19th century. Historians agree it evolved from [...]

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Verrrrry Pinteresting . . . .

Pinterest. The mere thought of it conjures up images of crafts I will never do, landscaping that is out [...]

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Lunch on the Deck

When a good friend of mine was reading our blog posts last week, she had the audacity to laugh [...]

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Summertime Desserts—For All Tastes

Though this Inksper with a sweet tooth is really trying to cut back on sweets, there are times when [...]

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Too Hot To Cook

Hello, my name is Shannon and I hate to cook. Especially in the summer. It heats the house up [...]

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Quick Fixes

Picnics. Ballgames.  Trips to summer camp. Outdoor projects. Vacations. If your summer is like mine, the warm weather brings [...]

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Summer Reads and Recipes

During the dog days of summer, when it’s simply too hot to do much else, picking up a great [...]

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Fill ‘er Up!

My mom has the best chocolate chip recipe in the world. Seriously. She said she started with a basic [...]

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From East to West

Initially, I was not going to do a cross-country trek, but Lorna’s fried cheese sent me on a trip [...]

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Good Enough To Eat

Two years ago during my turn to hostess our monthly Secret Sisters meeting, I threw a spa themed party [...]

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