Pinterest Junkie

Thumb TackThere’s no count down for me on my guilty pleasures. I’m completely hooked on Pinterest. It’s just that simple. It started so innocently, you see. Just a few pins here and there. Then there were people who actually liked my pins and pinned them to their boards. What a thrill of anonymous approval. Oh, and then people started following my boards. Squee!! They like me, they like me, they really, really like me.

Cue the record scratching sound effect. Okay, they like my pins. But, hey, it’s still a great feeling when someone else loves the same things you do. I’ll be the first to raise my hand and admit I’m Laura Frantz’s number one Pinterest pin stalker. She’s got amazing pins!!

Pin sharing adoration aside, I have found a whole new world through Pinterest. It’s not just a wasted past-time for me. My first big find was for a ‘home-made’ laundry soap to use since I am dye and fragrance sensitive. It really has saved me tons of money on laundry soap, and I can trust the ingredients. Find that wonderful recipe here.

I also found different ways to make stepping stones for the memory garden hubs and I planted this year. It did take me three tries to Psalms 119105find the method that worked, but I think they turned out great. The photo on the right was taken in July and I used PicMonkey to doll it up a bit.

My biggest find was a project I’m still working on (and is a total secret!) for Christmas gifts. Not only have I gotten hooked on Pinterest, I’m completely ga-ga over Kathy Orta’s scrapbook creations. Check Kathy’s website Paper Phenomenon out here, or look her up on You Tube where she has numerous step by step tutorials posted.

I must warn you though, it’s an expensive habit, scrapbooking. So, I turned to You Tube for tutorial videos on how to save money and make things like alcohol inks way cheaper than the more expensive professional brands. Thanks to You Tube I found out that Big Lots is one of the best places to find odd little scrapbooking accessories for a fraction of the cost elsewhere. It’s probably a good thing I don’t live in the city or I’d be broke.

Who else is a Pinterest Junkie?

Since we know most of our Inksper friends have reading on their list of guilty pleasures, we’re giving away a (gently used) copy of Sarah Sundin’s On Distant Shores to one lucky reader this week, and a copy of Laura’s Love’s Awakening to another reader. Every time you leave a comment over the next two weeks, your name will be entered. The two winners will be chosen after midnight on Friday, Sept. 20 and posted on Saturday!


When I found out that we were talking about influencers this time round the first word that popped to mind was:


They are the first blog I check out in the morning and I am continually amazed at how fresh and exciting each post is. These ladies — you can see them all right here. Hey, let’s have a contest. Can you name them all?



Anyway, as I was saying — I’m amazed not only by the content of the Seekerville blog but by the generosity of each author. They give so much of their time and talent in order to encourage aspiring writers.  They are Encouragers with a captial E. Like this:


Looking for Contest info? Seekerville spoon feeds the information at the end of every month. And they highlight a contest diva too. Looking for honest, encouraging critiques? The authors offer them up on a regular basis. Want to know what an editor -really wants? How to find an agent? What self-publishing is all about? How to write a synposis? Find your brand? Create a tagline? That one was next to impossible for me but I finally figured one out. What do you think?


Then there was this past Monday’s post. Pam Hillman blogged about picmonkey. It’s a free graphic design site. Check out Pam’s blog here:

Pam’s Picmonkey Blog

I was inspired. A little obsessed. Totally entralled. If the graphics above aren’t proof, check out these ones:



I was so thrilled when I discovered how to change the font colour!!!! Woohooo! I’m a techno whiz!!!!


And here’s a couple of August Romantic Suspense reads from Harlequin that are totally fantabulous! So much so that I couldn’t resist creating a special graphic for them. Cool, eh? I’ll let Simba sum it up:


And that’s why I love Seekerville. 🙂