The Scar Jesus Bore

Photo Credit: by SCapture
Photo Credit: by SCapture

Scars. They no longer hurt, but remind of us the pain we once endured. Some are thin and shallow, others thick and deep. The deeper the pain the more prevalent the scar. While Jesus has three major scars, one on each hand and one on his feet, I have many. Most of mine run deep and a couple was life threatening, but I can’t imagine how deep the scars of Christ run.

His scars carry the pain of everyone in the world. His scars have a name for each and every person his sacrifice bore.

His scars carry my name. And yours.

As I think about the scars and pain Jesus endured for you and me I can’t help but think about finally seeing Him face to face. I imagine a quiet cove somewhere in Heaven where He and I just sit and talk.

The cool breeze ruffles our hair and the sun’s rays warm our skin. He shows me the scars on his back and points to the one with my name. My eyes gaze upon the surface of his skin as I follow the length of the scar with my finger. Tears stream from my face as the reality of my sin becomes clear.

He reaches up and wipes away my tears and says, “You were worth it.”

I can’t imagine a more tender loving conversation with my father, my friend and savior. Remember the scars He bore for you as you walk through life. Remember we each have a scar with our name on it. Remember He loves you…no matter what.


Question: Have you accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior? Have you accepted His scar for you?

Lessons from The Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings 03-25-15

The Lord of the Rings is a classic. So many life lessons can be learned from examining just one of the many characters in these novels.

The greatest lesson I have learned is that through Jesus, I’m capable of more than I thought. Just like Frodo, God calls us to take many journeys. Journeys full of danger, pain, sorrow, and maybe even death. Most often we don’t feel qualified or capable. Like Frodo, parts of the journey become too hard to bear and we contemplate bailing.

The sacrifice is too much and sorrow surrounds us immobilizing our efforts. We cry, we ask God why He chose us for such a task. We ask Him to pass this cup from us because we can’t possibly see the outcome as favorable. We realize we may not survive. But He speaks across our hearts whispering to do His will and go with Him. He promises to be with us and carry our burden when it’s too much to bear.

He is our Samwise Gamgee.

And though we cannot see it, this journey will create hope and healing for the great many people. Many will come to Christ through Jesus if we accept the journey from Him. So don’t be afraid to be used. Be honored and know that whatever journey God calls you take, He will make you capable through Jesus.

Question: Has God sent you on a journey you’ve been reluctant to accept?