I Find You Not Guilty!

MP900385346[1]That’s right. I’m not guilty of indulging in guilty pleasures. I know the evidence is stacked against me, but–

What evidence you ask? Well, let’s see …

First there are the Marvel Avenger movies–I blame this obsession on my husband. He won the four free tickets to Thor in 2011. Thor? Really? Why on earth would I want to watch that? So, wrinkling my nose, I went to the movie … and fell in love. Seriously, ladies, Chris Hemsworth looks very nice up on that big screen. Not to mention, I loved the movie, the story line, the supporting cast, everything about it. Yes, I was hooked, and now I’m a full-fledged Avengers fan. Captain America? Oh yeah. Iron Man? All three movies. The Avengers? Saw it seven times in the theater. Yes, I said seven. That included an Avengers movie marathon that showed six Marvel Avenger movies in one day, including two Iron Man movies, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America, ending with a midnight showing of The Avengers. I won’t tell you how many times we’ve watched The Avengers at home–I probably can’t count that high.

Thor The Dark World

Thor: The Dark World comes out in November 2013. Captain America: The Winter Soldier releases in April of 2014. I have to wait until May of 2015 for The Avengers: Age of Ultron. 🙁 Thanks to my husband, I just can’t get enough!

So, is that it for evidence against me?

Movie PopcornWell, not exactly. You see, when we attend movies, it’s a requirement to eat popcorn soaked in butter and sprinkled generously with salt. (You do realize that popcorn is merely a tool to eat butter and salt, don’t you?) Our family even has movie-theater popcorn-eating down to a science. We purchase one refillable bucket and bring four large bowls with us. No reaching across for that next handful, no sirree. (Actually we use large Country Crock containers. With the cover on, it’s easy to shake it, spreading the butter and salt evenly–as I said, we have it down to a science!)

But, naturally, healthy doses of buttery, salty popcorn shouldn’t be relegated to theaters only, it’s also the perfect snack to enjoy during your favorite TV shows like Blue Bloods (the family actually prays together on the show!!!) and Once Upon A Time and Falling Skies. Then there are the new shows coming out this fall that I can’t wait to see that will perfectly satisfy my popcorn cravings: Once Upon a Time in Wonderland and Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. — Yep, those Agents of Shield are Avengers. 🙂 And, no, I’m not obsessed. Seriously!

You say their’s more evidence that I indulge in guilty pleasures? Hmmph! You’re going for the jugular, aren’t you?

Believe it or not, this has absolutely nothing to do with Avengers, but it is certainly a pleasure. Ever tried Fannie May Chocolates? The Trinidad with its rich, creamy chocolate center, coated in white chocolate mixed with toasted coconut. Then there’s the vanilla buttercream covered with dark chocolate, and the Carmarsh — caramel and marshmallow topped with chocolate. Your mouth watering yet? See, you’d be hooked too!

Then there are good books, quiet time, day trips up the North Shore … Ahh yes, I partake in it all!

So, with all that evidence stacked against me, how was I exonerated, you ask? Let’s just say the jury couldn’t turn down my my 2 Pound Box of Fannie May candy bribe. 😉 Hey, no pointing fingers. You wouldn’t have turned down the bribe either!

(It’s just a good thing the prosecuting attorney never discovered my Lays Sour Cream & Onion potato chip obsession–that might have put it over the top …)

What pleasures are you *not* guilty of?


Love's AwakeningOn Distant ShoresSince we know most of our Inksper friends have reading on their list of guilty pleasures, we’re giving away a (gently used) copy of Sarah Sundin’s On Distant Shores to one lucky reader, and a copy of Laura Frantz’s Love’s Awakening to another reader. Every time you leave a comment on posts dated September 9, 2013 through September 20, 2013, your name will be entered.
The two winners will be chosen after midnight on Friday, Sept. 20, 2013 and posted on Saturday, September 21, 2013!

Top Ten Reasons To Get Hooked On Once Upon A Time

Number Ten: Henry. Our show begins in Storybrooke, Maine, where a little boy, Henry, carrying a BIG book, believes in magic and curses, and knows something is just not right about his adoptive mother and his hometown of Storybrook. Henry’s book gives him clues about what is really going on as the story unfolds both on the pages of the book and in Henry’s life. Besides, who doesn’t like the name Storybrook for a fairy tale town’s name?

Number Nine: All the characters from the stories we grew up with find a place in this tale. From the Mad Hatter, to Mr. Gold (Rumplestiltskin), the seven dwarfs (one show even centers on how they got their names). Even Neverland is represented with Captain Hook getting in on the action. Mulan makes an appearance also.

Number Eight: Even though Regina, the Evil Witch, tries to poison Emma with her apple turnover, she is not the most evil person in the story. She’s only one of a few powerfully evil characters. Regina is really a woman you’ll love to hate. Ooooo, I just love a good evil character!

Number Seven: Archie Hopper, AKA Jiminy Cricket, is a therapist. I have to say, I thought that was pretty slick putting Jiminy in as a shrink. He’s the town’s conscience. Brilliant!

Number Six: A nice twist on the story Ruby, Red Riding Hood, doubles as the Big Bad Wolf. Watch out fellas, this girl’s got some bite.

Number Five: The tomb of hearts. It does not get old watching Regina steal someone’s heart, and put it-still beating mind you-in an intricately carved box. They are all stored in the vault, which is below a tomb, where the evil witch can control them at will. When someone says Regina stole their heart, they aren’t kidding.

Number Four: Prince Charming was a doppelganger for the real Prince. He has no real royal blood in him, and his daddy the King, is not a very nice guy. And don’t forget in Storybrooke, Charming starts out as a comatose hospital patient. When he wakes up, he doesn’t know who Snow White is (and neither do we, although we have our suspicions!). And to find out who Snow White is, you’ve got to watch the show.

Number Three: Like the Hotel California, you can never leave. And after the curse is finally broken, that means you lose your memory if you cross the border out of Storybrooke. So far no one has lived to tell the tale. But never say never in Once Upon A Time.

Number Two: Did you ever wonder if the fairy tale characters you knew as a child really did live happily ever after? This show answers that with a resounding, NO! Where there’s good, there’s always evil. Don’t count a good character out, and never think an evil one is dead. Well, except for Sheriff Graham. Although his counterpart, the Huntsman, met a terrible fate in the fairy tale, maybe the good sheriff will turn up again.

Number One: Why Mr. Gold, of course. I adore all of the characters so far, but I love, love, love Mr. Gold. He owns the glitter when he’s in Rumple mode. Move over Twilight, this sparkly guy really does have it going on. The story of how he became Rumplestiltskin will also tug at your heartstrings, as does his love for a certain Belle of the ball.

Well, there you have it. If you love a good fairy tale, you will absolutely get hooked on Once!