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Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader: A Source of Inspiration?

Since A Great Catch just hit store shelves, I’ve been doing several interviews for various blogs. A recurrent question [...]

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The Roller Coaster Ride of Research

I know it’s Monday and I’m pushing it, but I want you to put your thinking cap on and [...]

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Starfish, chalk dust, and inspiration

Teacher hits student Test scores fall Teacher suspended while being investigated Lately, the headlines concerning teachers and the teaching [...]

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Live from Salt Lake City

No, there’s no writing conference going on here, unless you count a handful of writers holed up in a [...]

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My 18-Month Pregnancy is Over

Yesterday, when we returned from our vacation, my son retrieved our mail from the neighbor just before leaving for [...]

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Pantser vs. Plotters–The Knockdown

The gloves are on. The competitors are in their corners, and the crowd is roaring. With a ding of [...]

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So Many Books, So Little Time

As usual it’s the eleventh hour and I’m trying to make up for lost time, though it would take [...]

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Babies, Beginnings, and Hope

Don’t you just love babies? Holding a new baby stirs a hope in me. It reminds me that no [...]

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