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The Latest from Shannon Vannatter

If I could sum up Shannon in one word, it would be dedicated. She dedicates herself to everything she [...]

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Singing Praises of ACFW

I sing ACFW praises every chance I get. What an awesome organization. What an awesome conference. Put together by [...]

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Company’s Coming!

Oh my, company’s coming to Inkspirational Messages! And, we’re giving away books too! Does that mean you have to [...]

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Pearls of Great Price

While shopping with her mother, five-year-old Suzie’s eyes zoomed in on the costume jewelry county. There it was — [...]

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Summer Reads and Recipes

During the dog days of summer, when it’s simply too hot to do much else, picking up a great [...]

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Top 10 Reasons to Attend the ACFW Conference

If you’re still teetering with whether or not to attend the upcoming ACFW Conference, hopefully some of this information [...]

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Treasure Hunting

When I sit down to read a book simply for enjoyment, I typically prefer a fantasy novel or perhaps [...]

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Deeper and Wider Characters

We’ve discussed movies, TV shows, and novels to share what types of characters jump off the page so far [...]

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Adventures in Reading

I’ve always loved a good adventure story. And my favorite of favorites book is The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, [...]

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The Perils of Perfectionism

Perfectionism is my rut. My life and my writing often consist of a vicious cycle. I set unreachable goals [...]

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