The heroine in Rose’s new book is a beauty advice columnist. Today, I will try my hand at a different kind of beauty advice column – EMERGENCY BEAUTY!

In 2009, Western Kentucky was hit with one of the worst ice storms in our history. There were folks without electricity and water for up to 2 weeks – a few, out in the farthest reaches of the county, even longer.

It was during this time that I realized just how important basic makeup use can be.


220px-Zombies_NightoftheLivingDead   You’ve seen pics of a fictional “zombie apocalypse?” Well, that was what the first trip to a generator-powered grocery store looked like. We’d all been hunkered down for nearly a week when finally the roads cleared enough to get generators in and open up a few businesses for basic cash-only grocery purchases.

People were wandering the semi-lit aisles, looking for food that didn’t need to be refrigerated OR cooked. No makeup. Hair in disarray. That glazed look on their faces.

Honestly, there were folks that I simply did not RECOGNIZE until they spoke.

It was then that I came up with a few beauty tips that work for any circumstance – even without power or running water:

curlsCurly hair CAN be your friend. Seriously. For a few days, all you have to do is brush, fluff, and pat it into shape, squirt some hairspray on it, and in a semi-darkened building when you’re probably wearing a hat anyway, you’re good to go. Like I tell my curly-haired daughter – it’s the SHAPE that counts.

makeupEyeliner and mascara are all you truly need to look like a living human. Lipstick is good, but a tinted lip-balm is enough if your eyes are made up.

Have lotion-infused tissues and makeup remover/cleansing wipes on hand.  They can literally take care of more than just removing makeup.

That’s all. I resolved, after that horrifying trip to the grocery store, that I would NOT leave the house without fluffing, lining, and lashing.

I’ll save my treatise on pajama pants in public for another time . . .



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