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Profound Advice Times Two

When I started writing, I just did it. I wrote 6 books without ever attending a writer’s meeting or [...]

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So Not Ready

Every year, my husband wants the tree up early. I’m talking practically Halloween early. I love Christmas. Love my [...]

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The Best Laid Plans

Our Christmas season is even more stressful and hectic than usual this year. My husband is transitioning from bi-vocational [...]

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Why Does Everything Happen at Once?

1. The dishwasher smells like there’s something plastic on the element, but there’s not. Dishwasher is full of dirty [...]

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The Suddenly Syndrome

I remember discussing a phenomenon with other writers a decade or so back that we called the “Suddenly Syndrome.”  [...]

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Juggling Dreams & Reality

Dreams: Publishers will foam at the mouth over my very first book and want to publish everything I ever [...]

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It snowed Sunday. In Arkansas. Every year, the weather man tells us it’s going to snow and everyone scurries [...]

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