Camping With Cows

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Camping with cows sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

Well, maybe not, but let me explain. I grew up on a dairy farm, and my best friend also grew up on a farm, so cows were always in the background. Summers were super busy with picking rock, harvesting crops, baling hay, and other *fun* farm chores, so we had to grab the free time when we could and camp close to home. That usually meant heading to one of two places: the hayloft or cow pasture.

The hayloft / shed was great for the rainy night. I’d head out there with my sister, my friend, and her younger sisters, munchies and boombox in tow. (No boys allowed!) We’d form a stage out of hay bales and pop in the Grease cassette or 8-track (yes, I know that ages me). Someone would blink a flashlight to create cool stage effects (for a hayloft, the effects were cool!) while others sang and danced.

MP900385381[1]For the non-stormy nights, my sister and I would bike over to our friend’s farm. She’d hook a large wagon onto a tractor, we’d fill the wagon with sleeping bags and blankets and pillows and boomboxes and guitars and munchies (we really roughed it!) and head out to a wooded part of the pasture. After getting a fire started, we’d roast hot dogs and make s’mores, then break out the guitars to serenade the cows.

Oddly enough, few cows visited us in that pasture. Wonder what that says about our music …


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