Unsinkable Faith and a Guest Post from Laura Frantz

I’ve always been admired Peter. When Jesus calls him from the boat to step out onto the water, he lifts his foot and places it on top of the waves. Now, Peter understood water. He’d been a fisherman all his life. He’d seen what waves could do to a boat and probably more than once had wished he could walk back to the shore from his boat in the middle of the lake. So when Jesus called him from the boat, you can imagine the leap his heart took.

Still, the Bible doesn’t imply Peter hesitated. He took the risk. He got out of the boat. And his faith didn’t slip until he took his eyes off Jesus.

In the next two weeks, here at Inkspirational Messages, we’re going to talk about developing an unsinkable faith. To celebrate this beginning, I asked Laura Frantz if I could share a post from her blog. Laura has a new book out called Courting Morrow Little. Each week, she is sharing a little about Morrow’s world on her blog. Today, I asked if I could share her first “Morrow’s World” post with you, and hopefully, Laura will stop by and share a little about the faith she needed to step out of the boat when Revell first called her.

Morrow’s World by Laura Frantz

 red river gorge kentucky treesFor the next few weeks, I thought I’d give you glimpses into Morrow’s world, though these pictures, lovely as they are, fail to capture the real essence of the place. Since setting is so important to a story, I’ll start with the Red River area of Kentucky. These photos give you a peek into the wild beauty of Morrow’s world. Of course an author can only guess what it must have been like two hundred or so years ago. When I was a girl wandering the Kentucky hills and hollows, I used to pretend I lived back then. So it’s not a wild leap for me to be there in my imagination. When I saw this picture, I immediately smelled the dry woods and felt the crunch of leaves beneath my feet. It’s autumn in this picture and the woods are especially memorable then.

red river gorge chimney rockI have one scene in the novel where Morrow goes with a certain suitor into the mountains. For a young woman who rarely leaves the shadow of her own cabin, this is a memorable trip. It’s one of my favorite chapters and contains almost no dialogue. Speaking would ruin the beauty of the moment. When you come across a beautiful sunset or feel something intensely words are unnecessary:) Imagine that!

best red river fallsThis is a pencil-thin falls that becomes one big icicle in winter. The Red River isn’t a large river but I made it large enough to pose a danger for Morrow both physically and emotionally. Another of my favorite scenes happens at the river early in the novel. But I’ll not spoil it here:) There are many unusual red rock formations and natural bridges and arches in the landscape that make it especially unique. I had to cut a great deal of descriptive narrative though I enjoyed it immensely while I was writing. Praying the story is blessing you in some way or providing you with a blessed escape!Morrow Little


If you haven’t picked up your copy of Morrow Little, run—don’t walk—to your nearest bookstore. As soon as you start reading it, you’ll forget all about how out of breath you got on your sprint to the store.

Be sure to visit Laura’s blog, too, for more of Morrow Little’s world and lots of other yummy info.

So Many Books, So Little Time

As usual it’s the eleventh hour and I’m trying to make up for lost time, though it would take a month of Sundays to wax poetic on the subject of time the way my sister inksters have.  When I find myself with time on my hands, I usually fill both with a book. It’s thrilling when I find one that will stand the test of time and when I do I hunt down every book that author has written.  And that’s often a race against time since some books have a short shelf life, like those wily Love Inspired ones! That means we’re working against the clock from the very second they are put on the shelves and if we’re not careful the ship will sail without us!   So I worked into the small hours to come up with a plan that would help me remember important book release dates even when I’m pressed for time.

 It’s called a Release Calendar! And I created it just in the nick of time since the near future holds a multitude of incredible new inspirational book releases. Believe me, you’ll have the time of your life reading them!  But this list comes with a warning…these books are guaranteed  time-stealers

 Kav Disclaimer:  This is by no means a comprehensive list.   So many books – so little time! Books are listed in chronological order.

White_Roses_Cover-147x196 White Roses by Shannon Vannatter May 2010 (if you belong to Heartsongs Present Book Club) or in stores November 2010

 A grieving widower and single parent, Pastor Grayson struggles with letting go and moving on.  Adrea Welch doesn’t understand how she can be so attracted to a man still devoted to his dead wife. But can their developing relationship survive the secrets from Adrea’s past?

 Our very own Shannon’s debut novel!  She’ll have to tell us what it’s like to have to wait for an accepted manuscript to finally transform itself into a book!

 Love on a Dime by Cara Lynn James June 2010love on a dime

 Lilly Westbrook writes dime novels and does everything she can to conceal that fact from friends and family because of the stigma attached to her career.  But then, former suitor, Jackson Grail becomes Lilly’s new publisher – only he doesn’t know it.  What he does know is that ‘Fannie Cole’s’ dime novels are good for business and they’d be even better if he can track his star writer down and convince her to go public! 

 Isn’t that an ingenuous plot?  I’m really excited about this one.  I think the premise is very clever.  I can’t wait!!!!!


Courting Morrow Little by Laura Frantz  July 2010

 We’re back in  18th century Kentucky for Laura’s second historical novel.  Morrow Little is haunted by the memory of a Shawnee raid that tore her family apart.  Now that she is  grown, she faces difficult choices about marriage.  There is no shortage of men vying for her attention, but she finds herself  inexplicably drawn to a forbidden love.

 Laura’s rich, lyrical text is inspiring and this will definitely be one for your keeper shelf – right along side The Frontiersman’s Daughter.


  Waiting Out the Storm by Ruth Logan Herne July 2010herne

 The author has dubbed this a “Hatfield/McCoy” type romance.  It’s the second in her North Country series and features Craig and Sarah who we met in Winter’s End. I don’t know much more than that – except I’ll love it!  Ruthy’s writing style flows and her voice is strong.  I’m prepared for a few laughs, some tears and a big satisfied sigh at the end.  It’s going to be good…I just know it.


making waves Making Waves by Lorna Seilstad September 2010s 

Marguerite Westing is thrilled to spend the summer at Lake Manawa with her family. What better way to put some distance between herself and a boring suitor?  And what would summer be like without romance?  One that doesn’t involve the young gentleman from back home!  But Marguerite’s  idyllic summer is ruined when her father’s gambling problems threaten to ruin her family and she is faced with an agonizing dilemma.  Does she marry to secure her family’s fortune or will she follow her heart?

 A debut novel by our very own Lorna!  I’ve read some of her work so I know that this will be a captivating read and I’m a tad shy of giddy at actually seeing it in my local Christian bookstore! 

 A Hope Undaunted by Julie Lessman  September 2010hope undaunted

 Set in the late 1920’s, little Katie O’Connor is all grown up and looking toward an exciting future which includes a career in law and a husband.  Of course Julie Lessman wouldn’t let it be that uncomplicated! So while future husband, Jack, is left waiting in the wings, Katie’s childhood nemesis, Cluny McGee resurfaces to throw her world – and plans – into chaos.

If you’ve read her Daughters of Boston series, you’ll be well acquainted with Katie O’Connor.  Readers have watched her grow up and I think we all feel motherly towards her.  It will be interesting to see what Julie has thrown at the youngest O’Connor girl — how Katie handles it!

 healer's apprentice

The Healer’s Apprentice by Melanie Dickerson October 2010

 A new YA medieval romance is about to hit the market in the form of a retelling of Sleeping Beauty. I love this genre and am beyond excited to see this book release in the fall.  Isn’t the book cover gorgeous? And it’s Melanie’s debut novel!

 Rose, the woodcutter’s daughter, apprentices to the town healer and loses her heart to a forbidden love.

 And just to wet your appetite even more, take a look at her book trailer:



Really looking ahead:

 Made To Order Family by Ruth Logan Herne  September 2010

Wrangler in Petticoats by Mary Connealy October 2010

Fatal Judgement by Irene Hannon – January 2011

What about you – are there any titles you just can’t wait to get your hands on?