In Sickness and In Health

During thirty years of marriage, Grant and I have never been sick at the same time. I catch every little bug that passes by while Grant never gets sick other than a sinus infection a couple of times a year when the weather changes. When I’m sick, it hits me harder than most people. If you’re sick two days, I’ll be down four days. Grant doesn’t stay down long.

Until the last couple of weeks. Our son had just gotten over pneumonia. After church on a Wednesday night, I told Grant, I have this little annoying cough and a horrible headache. I took Excedrin and a sinus pill. Everybody went to bed and I sat up to watch a Hallmark movie I’d recorded while waiting for my head to stop hurting. It didn’t. About midnight, I pressed my hand against my head where it hurt. It was hot. 101.9 hot.

The next few days, the cough got worse and the fever got up to 102.9. I went to the doctor. She wasn’t sure what it was and gave me antibiotics. By Friday, Grant was sick too. Same symptoms, but his fever never got as high. I stayed in bed all weekend. He preached on Sunday anyway—showed up just in time for the sermon and came in a side door—didn’t shake hands.

I called my mom and asked if she could raise our son until further notice. We didn’t want him to get it and neither of us had the strength to take care of him or get him to school. By Monday, we had a coughing marathon. Grant finally went to the doctor. By then, they’d seen a lot of it and decided it was a virus. Grant hates taking medicine. He got antibiotics and left the cough medicine at the pharmacy because it gives him heartburn.

We wheezed at each other for a few days—our voices gone. Of course, he got better before I did, even though I was sick first. We decided that if we were eighty, we’d probably both be dead. We’re both on the road to recovery now, but it’s taking a while to get our oomph back.

During the course of this illness, I was very thankful for the people God has placed in my life.

  • My parents stepped in and took our son. For a few days, he lived at their house, they took him back and forth to school, and he didn’t get sick.
  • Grant and I are in this together—in sickness and in health. Whoever felt the best got the other something to eat or drink. We still laughed—even at our sickest—and then we coughed.
  • The church member who brought us chili just as we got to the point of wanting something spicy. Even though, it was the day before the biggest day of her life—election day and she was running for public office. She won!
  • The church member who called to check on us, heard me wheeze, and asked if the doctor gave us any cough medicine. When I told her Grant left it at the pharmacy, she went and got it, then brought it to our house, a ten mile drive.
  • Several church members who called to check on us and offered to do anything we needed done.
  • Cough medicine—it’s not a person–but I’ve never been more thankful for it. Even Grant took it and our coughs are almost gone.
  • Cough medicine—which led to sleep.
  • Cough medicine.