A Bit of a Different Bird…

In such a group of diverse and talented women, I feel a slight bit out of place.  That’s nothing new, and doesn’t deter me one bit, but you should probably know what you’re in for.  I’m not like everyone else…well, maybe I am in some ways.

I’m an author.  A writer.  A mom. A hard-headed, strong-willed child of Jesus.  I’ve always known that I would be most of these things.  I started writing (plays of all things) when I was a child.  As the child of a career Navy man, I spent a lot of time traveling, which meant a lot of time sitting still, coming up with ways to occupy my mind.

The first thing that I remember writing was plays for the kids in my neighborhood while we were stationed on the military base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.  A limited open space with limited amounts of activities leaves kids finding creative ways to fill their time.  I don’t remember now what the plays were even about, but I wrote them and the kids from the neighborhood put them on.   It was fun.

My career didn’t really take hold for many years after that. I wanted to be a writer, but I was cautioned over and over again that it wasn’t possible to make a living as a writer, and as a strong young woman I needed to have a career.  Remember how I said I’m hard-headed?  That’s really an understatement.  The only thing I wanted more than to be a writer was to be a wife and Mom.

This is where my life takes on a path of my own. I started my family young. For a while, I devoted my life to my family, spending time writing only for myself and for a long time.  Eventually, I came back to that other dream.  Thankfully my (then) husband could support our family, so I was able to stay home with my two kids after a while.  I found myself with a bit of time on my hands and started “playing” with writing again.

It wasn’t until I caught a lucky break from a good friend that needed some help that I really began to realize my dream.  Well, sorta.  My friend needed a technology writer and the work I did with her started me on a path that lead me deep into techno-reality.  My first published piece (incidentally NOT technology) was published in 1994.  That break into technology came in 1998.

Since then, I’ve written well over a thousand articles, mostly technology.  Taught hundreds of technology courses online.  And written 19 books; all technology.  But my heart longs for something more.  I’ve always seen myself writing fiction.  And since I found my way back to Jesus a few years ago (that’s another VERY long story) the desire to write Christian fiction (and non-fiction, too) has been the leading force behind my career.  I’m still not published in these areas, but I trust when God is ready I will be, too.

Life recently has taken a strange turn. I’m divorced.  My daughter lives with me; my son lives with his Dad.  And the economy really stinks.  And when the economy stinks, technology usually takes the hit the hardest. So, the writing I’ve been doing to support myself and my daughter for several years is suddenly not enough. I had to take a full-time job.

It was tough.  When I dreamed of having a family, I never dreamed I’d be a single Mom leaving her teenage daughter alone until she got home from work.  I thought I would always be a stay-at-home Mom.  It felt a lot like failure.

Then things started to happen.  Suddenly, I’m writing for Christian venues.  I’m a regular contributor to Bay Area Christian Family magazine. Other opportunities have come up.  I’ve even got a book proposal for Christian singles making the rounds.  God is closing one door, but there are windows opening in every direction.

So, I am a bit of a different bird.  I’ve come to my Christian writing career from a completely different direction than my friends here.  But I’m as excited as they are to learn, to grow, and to let God use my talents for His purpose.  And I’m truly looking forward to the adventure that He has set before me.