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Guilty Pleasures – an Oxymoron?

Isn’t the phrase guilty pleasures an oxymoron? Or maybe it’s just that as women, we tend to feel guilty [...]

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The Guilts

When this topic came up, I wasn’t sure if I could come up with ten guilty pleasures. But the [...]

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Top Picks in Romantic Flicks

Movies seem to go with Valentine’s Day . On one site, I discovered a list of the 50 Most Romantic [...]

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And the Winner of Chocolate is …

Thanks to everyone who stopped by Inkspirational Messages these past two weeks, and to those who shared a comment [...]

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Just Keep Swimming

I love the character Dory from the Pixar film, Finding Nemo. She’s a blue reef fish who suffers from [...]

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Out of My Groove

I’m in a rut. I’ve been in this rut since the American Christian Fiction Conference in Indianapolis back in [...]

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Sweet weakness

I have to admit I have a weakness…I love my chocolate. And a dessert without chocolate is like a [...]

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From East to West

Initially, I was not going to do a cross-country trek, but Lorna’s fried cheese sent me on a trip [...]

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Good Enough To Eat

Two years ago during my turn to hostess our monthly Secret Sisters meeting, I threw a spa themed party [...]

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Christmas traditions . . . . we’ve covered a lot, haven’t we? As a musician, I would have thought [...]

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