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Singing in Asaph’s Choir

As a musician, one thing I love seeing in the Bible is the important role music plays. And it’s [...]

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The Story from 10 Random Words

I admit I haven’t had difficulty with writer’s block so far, that’ll likely come once I have looming deadlines. [...]

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When God’s Answer is Not Yet …

In January of 1997 my husband and I were living in Moorhead, Minnesota (the city right across the Red [...]

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A Man’s Man

I tend to be an eclectic reader. I’ll read contemporaries, romance, historical, thriller, fantasy, etc. I’m willing to give [...]

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Perfecting Your Scenes

Scenes are one of the basic building blocks of a novel. Each scene is a  micro-story with a beginning, [...]

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Mirth-filled Movies

When I got up this morning, our outdoor thermostat read (-15) degrees. I’ll admit, even for us hardy Minnesotan’s [...]

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All in the Family

There are so many worthwhile giving and volunteering opportunities, it’s difficult narrowing them down. Do I talk about New [...]

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From Sorrow to Joy

I realize that we’re supposed to write about Christmas disasters, but I can’t for the life of me think [...]

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Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree

My earliest memories of reading go back to a little attic playroom in my grandparent’s home. They had a [...]

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Dazzling Debuts in 2012

There’s nothing I enjoy more than finding new, gifted authors, and 2012 has introduced several who have earned a [...]

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