I scream! You scream! We all scream for ice cream!

I’m sure you’re familiar with that little saying. There are very few people who don’t have a weakness for the cold and creamy concoction.

That’s why I decided to base a new Bible class event at our church on ice cream. I wanted to call it “Tis so Sweet”, but my son said, “Mom, not catchy enough. Just say, ‘Sweet!'” So, that’s what we named it.

Our Bible class event is four weeks long and has topics like “Life Lessons from an Ice Cream Sandwich.” It’s based on

Psalm 34:8, “Taste and see that the Lord is good. Blessed is the man who trusts in Him.”

Preparing the lessons has given me a lot of opportunities to mediate on this verse, so if you’ll stick with me for a moment, I promise to get to my¬†point. Yesterday, I brought a container of Kemp’s Pumpkin Pie ice cream. I held it up for the kids and told that I just wasn’t sure I wanted to try something new. What if it didn’t taste good?

Then I pointed out that I was familiar with the brand and I knew they made good ice cream. But did that mean for sure I’d like this ice cream. We looked at the picture on the front and admitted it sure looked good, but did that guarantee I’d like it. Finally, I read the ingredients and told them that they sure sounded delicious.

“But how can I know if it’s good?” I asked.

By then the kids were yelling, “Taste it!”

My grand nephew Chase tasting the pumpkin ice cream.

I asked them to taste it with me and my niece passed out little cups to each child and then we all tasted it. It was really good, and most of the kids loved it.

Then, I was able to make my point. We can know all about the Lord. We can look in the Word and learn about it, but until we have a relationship with the Lord–have Him in our hearts and lives–we can’t really taste Him.

Of course, the kids don’t completely understand, but hopefully, we are planting a truth in the heart. God invites us to “taste and see” that He is good. Think about it. He wants us to have personal experiences with Him. Over and over, He wants to show us how good He is.

When we understand and experience His goodness, we can’t keep it to our selves. It’s just too exciting. A SWEET message to share about a good God and His SWEET BLESSINGS.

When have you “tasted” God’s goodness lately? What happened? Let’s encourage each other and share.