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Rodeo Queen Nostalgia

I’m celebrating my new release, Rodeo Queen by giving away two print copies. Answer the question at the end [...]

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I do not, by any means, consider myself an influential person. I am an encourager by nature, and sometimes [...]

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My Go To Gal

Agent. A word that once made me shudder for reasons I won’t go into here. For a long time, [...]

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Music to Soothe the Savage Beast

Just hearing the words “writer’s block” is enough to strike fear into a writer’s heart. It’s a big, ugly, [...]

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The Story of My Heart

Every writer has the story of their heart. The one that pulls and tugs at them until they write [...]

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Shawna K. Williams Interview

Shannon here: I’ve never met Shawna, but she’s Arkansas gal like me. And since she has a Christmas book [...]

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For the Guys and Gals on Your List

Even at my age (a closely guarded secret – although my love for Trixie Belden books might be a [...]

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Interview with Denise Hunter

Shannon here: This fall–in between deadlines–I set out to find an agent and my writing twin. When a writer [...]

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GMC: The Engine Behind Your Characters & Plot

GMC. The first time I heard of it, I’d signed with an agent. Back in 2002 with my original version [...]

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This year, at ACFW, I learned that short women would not make good stagecoach drivers. I learned that green [...]

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