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Jammie Time

Several years ago, when I was still trying to get published, I saw a movie trailer about a writer. [...]

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Along for the Ride

On a rainy April day back in 2008 I sat beside Lorna Seilstad on our way out to Pella, [...]

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My Go To Gal

Agent. A word that once made me shudder for reasons I won’t go into here. For a long time, [...]

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Four Indispensable Editing Tools

Since the ACFW Conference, many authors are whipping out their editing tool kits so they can polish their requested [...]

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Shannon's Survival Kit

In twelve years of writing, I’ve come up with a list of must haves for the diligent writer: 1. [...]

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Interview with Denise Hunter

Shannon here: This fall–in between deadlines–I set out to find an agent and my writing twin. When a writer [...]

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GMC: The Engine Behind Your Characters & Plot

GMC. The first time I heard of it, I’d signed with an agent. Back in 2002 with my original version [...]

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Big Fat Juicy Worms

Didn’t go to ACFW and everyone else diiiiiiid Going to the garden to eat worms, worms, worms, worms. Big [...]

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An Introvert’s View of the ACFW National Conference

In the six plus years I’ve been writing, I’ve had the privilege of meeting and getting to know many [...]

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Singing Praises of ACFW

I sing ACFW praises every chance I get. What an awesome organization. What an awesome conference. Put together by [...]

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