So Many Books…So Little Time

There are a lot of awesome books coming out this year, including our very own Rose Ross Zediker’s Dakota Love. I have it on order, currently being delivered by the slowest postal service in the world (or so it seems to my impatient reader sensibilities.) If you’d like a chance to win your own copy of Dakota Love leave a comment below or on any of our blog posts this week to be entered in the draw. Good luck!

Now, speaking of all those books….oy. I started a book buying journal by month for 2015. A very organized thing to do, but very overwhelming as well. I already have 153 books listed in my journal! And in case you’re into bookishly stats, here’s a genre rundown:

Historical Fiction – 57 titles

Contemporary – 46 titles

Amish – 26 titles

Suspense – 24 titles

And that’s just the ones I know about from the major Christian publishing houses! Interesting numbers breakdown though, right? For an industry claiming that historical is out they sure are publishing a lot of them. But I think there are definitely more contemporary books out there now too. Very trending in 2015.

I get a tad dizzy contemplating all those yet to be read books. Thousands of unread pages. Heroines I’ve yet to meet. Heroes not yet swooned over. Villians still plotting diabolical plans yet unchecked. Phew — give me a second to take a deep breath and gather my thoughts. Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out. Okay, the world has stopped spinning…for the moment.

Not wishing to add to my reading dervish tailspin, I won’t even try to single out individual titles (though you really ought to add Rose’s Dakota Love to your shopping list…or win it here. See details above.) Anyway, I decided ‘go big or go home’ so I’m tackling an entire genre today. Romantic Suspense.

I love me a good romantic suspense. I do. I do. I really do. Like these:


And these:


I get heart palpitations just looking at those covers and knowing I’ll get to dive into murder and mayhem with satisfying regularity in 2015!

What about you — do you have a favourite genre?

Oh and don’t forget about this:

Dakota Love

Leave a comment to get your name in the draw to win Dakota Love.




23 thoughts on “So Many Books…So Little Time”

  1. Kav,

    You are very organized! And it’s interesting to see the numbers. Especially for writer’s who are trying to break into the market.

    1. Yeah — but then I wonder about why the skew in numbers. So if you’re a writer to you read that as the historical market is saturated so you should opt for another genre? Or do you say, “yes, historical is popular so my book will be a welcome addition to the market?” And why aren’t their more suspense books? Not as much readership or do they need new authors? I guess it still comes down to writing from your heart.

  2. I like so many genres but if I had to pick a favorite it would be Amish.
    Looks like you are going to have a lot of reading to do! Like Rose said, you are very organized!

    1. Gee, that’s weird. I replied to Beth but I don’t see the comment anywhere. Gah! I love Amish too and am surprised that there are so few compared to the other genres. Makes it easier to read them all though. LOL. Good luck on the draw, Beth.

  3. Oh, I love a great romantic suspense too! I’m especially looking forward to Sandra Orchard’s next book as well as DiAnn Mills’. I think DiAnn is my new favorite rom susp author. As for Rose’s book, I just ordered it (and Shannon’s latest too!), now I’m waiting for Mr. UPS man to deliver them …

    1. Brenda, I’m new to DiAnn Mills but I’m with you, she is an awesome suspense writer. I’m really looking forward to Dani Pettrey’s. And Sandra’s — especially because it’s the conclusion to her series.

  4. Good morning, Kav! I also break down my books, but they are in my “read” journal, as in, here’s the list of books I’ve read this year! As for my favorite genre, I read all over the map (all over the bookstore?) but to look at my shelves, I read mainly mystery cozies, inspirational (historical, contemporary, suspense, whatever), and historicals. My favorite “type” of story is a contemporary with a historical flashback or historical mystery intertwined, such as Kate Morton’s books (one of my absolute FAVORITE authors!)

    1. Stephanie, I love those historical flashback/contemporary novels too. We’re getting more of them in the Christian market this year. Woot. We need to great a spiffy genre name for them. LOL

  5. Christian, Historical, mystery, romance . . I just started listing my TBR pile & I didn’t realize I was so far behind… I would love to add this one to it! dkstevensneAT outlook DoTCoM

  6. Those a great numbers Kav 🙂 Lots of new books to look forward to!

    By the way I love historical fiction 😉 And Rose’s novel sounds amazing!

    1. Daunting number more like! Good luck with the draw, Samantha! And I love historical fiction as well. So many good authors out there. I get twitterpated just thinking about it. 🙂

  7. Love these! I need to keep a journal of the books I’ve read. Sometimes I don’t remember which ones I have or not since I surf the new releases so often the stories are familiar. Great idea!

    1. That’s where my book review blog comes in handy all alphabetical by author even. LOL/ So I can check back and see what I read and what I haven’t.

      1. That’s a good idea too, Samantha. I haven’t explored Goodreads a whole lot, but I do post reviews there so they are all filed away. Hard to organize them though if you are searching for something. I probably just explore the site more.

  8. Kav, that’s very interesting. As a historical writer, it breaks my heart when I hear what’s “trending,” but I know things happen. Love your system and your book covers.

    1. Lorna, I don’t see historicals going away any time soon. They are my most popular giveaways on my blog. Highest stats are always the historical romance books. And remember a few years ago when Regency was out according to those mysterious powers that be? Suddenly they are back with a vengeance with readers swooning nationwide as they gobble up all the lovely Regencies hitting the Christian market while clamoring for more. Needless to say I don’t believe in trends at all. LOL

  9. We have the authors mentioned above in the church library. I order most of the books, so thanks for the heads up on what is new.

    1. You have the best stocked church library around, Janet. Your congregation is blessed. Good luck with the draw.

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