The Road Ahead – Constantly Changing

When God gives us a talent for storytelling or writing, one of the most common comments we hear is “You should write a book.” For as long as I can remember, my goal has been just that. The stories inside my head are well thought out. I feel as if I have known the characters all of my life.  I could pic any one of them and write you a complete bio right now.  So when will you be able to read a  book by Jenny McLeod Carlisle? Well, that is the $64,000 question.

It is not as if I haven’t been trying. I have submitted to contests, attended conferences, gotten valuable feedback. Joined writing groups, been critiqued by professionals and amateurs alike. I have been represented by an agent. Still,there is nothing you can download on your reading device, hold in your hand, have autographed at a local bookstore. So what is the problem?

Well, if you are on the same pathway, you know that this is not an easy road. There is an endless array of market research, suggestions for improvement, advice from every direction. Still, my stories are my stories. My journey to publication is not like anyone else’s.

Recently, I have been inspired to change direction. Perhaps what I am writing needs to be aimed at a different audience. Maybe the genre is Young Adult, rather than Contemporary Women’s Fiction. This opens new doors, but also necessitates new research. I will be reading more books, studying up on different agents, different publishers. And then, there is always the new and ever changing word of self publishing.

It’s all very daunting, but at the same time very exciting. Meanwhile, I am writing. I still have a monthly column in a print magazine, and I still love reaching out on this blog. I am developing an image, a presence.  Hopefully, I am entertaining someone, inspiring someone, commiserating with someone. When the time comes, I may be someone’s favorite author. I trust completely in Jeremiah 29:11. God does have a plan for me. It’s a confusing road, but it’s my road. Here am I. Lord, send me.


10 thoughts on “The Road Ahead – Constantly Changing”

  1. Yay, Jenny, cheering you on. And isn’t it such a comfort to know that God has a plan even if we aren’t privy to all the details????? I love the YA idea. Seems to me that the Christian market is opening up for that genre right now. And so necessary. Praying for you as you continue on your journey.

  2. My problem is that my characters are just out of high school. Must YA books aimed at a younger audience . But the books for new adults are on the whole very trashy, so I hope the Christian market starts expanding in that area.

    1. Jenny, lots of books for YA have slightly older heroes, heroines so I wouldn’t worry about that. And New Adult genre definitely needs to grow in the Christian market. Jen Turano just published one — very quirky and over the top comedic so not everyone’s cup of tea but I enjoyed it. The writing style was very New Adultish but YAs would enjoy it too.

  3. Jenny, I know how you feel. I found the first draft of the book that will come out in April. I started it 10 years ago. Several times I stopped writing, changed genres, etc, but kept coming back to this one. Finally I gave up, prayed that if it was His will that it be published, He would have to do it. And he did! Give it to God, and He will do far more than we could! Great post!

      1. Well, my Replies are acting strange today. Regina, thanks for your kind words.I am ashamed to look back to see when I started writing. The title of the Work in Progress I am going to pitch first is Hold Fast, so it’s a little hard to give up on it, LOL.

  4. I hear you, Jenny! And I applaud you for your perseverance. It’s not easy to keep traveling a road, to keep putting one foot in front of the other, when you have no clue where that road is going. But stepping forward in obedience will reap rewards, likely not the rewards you’re expecting, and maybe not even rewards you’ll measure on earth, yet they are there!

    1. Brenda, Thanks for the encouragement, as always. I have discovered that God is using me along this path. Maybe not in the way I expected, but around every turn, I find a new opportunity. It’s a crazy walk, but I love it!

  5. I understand completely! I have switched genres and still write across the fantasy and contemporary realms. Mostly YA. Definitely do the research, because YA and adult stories are different. But, I wish you all the best as you work into your new direction!

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