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keepcalmreadWhat am I reading these days . . . AM I reading these days?

I was going to re-read Grace Livingston Hill’s The Substitute Guest. Nope.

I pulled a few Christian Fiction Christmas novels off the shelf my last day before Christmas at the library. Did I read those? Nope.


The massive number of Christmas events and celebrations are over, New Years is coming this weekend, and what have I read?

Edits, mostly.i-love-my-editor

Don’t get me wrong, I love editing my own work. It is a joint-effort between my editor, Pam, and I, and I am constantly amazed at the things she points out and suggests that make me smile and face-palm all at the same time.

But rather than talk about what I HAVEN’T read, I’ll tell you what I’ve just started. It’s Sandra Robbins’ Love Inspired Suspense, Stalking Season, part of the Smokey Mountain Secrets series. I’ve had it on my TBR pile for a while, and I’m FINALLY starting to see some time to really enjoy reading.

Here’s a blurb:

stalkingseasonsandrarobbinsAfter moving to the Smoky Mountains at Christmastime, Cheyenne Cassidy is ready for a fresh start—until danger from her past follows her to her new home. Cheyenne believed the stalker who killed her parents was dead, but somehow he’s back and determined to kill her. And her only hope for survival is relying on Deputy Sheriff Luke Conrad. The lawman wants to help Cheyenne face down the obsessive madman, but he can’t protect her if he doesn’t know the full story. And Cheyenne has no choice but to trust him with a secret she’s never revealed about her stalker. Armed with the knowledge of her tragic past, Luke will put his life on the line to keep her alive…but will that be enough to save her?

Sandra is an awesome author, and a member of my own writing group. If you haven’t read her novels, both historical and suspense, you’re missing something! She has another series, the “Firebrand” series, it is amazing, as well. Here is a blurb for that series:

The Firebrand Brotherhood began as an elite group of ex-military individuals who performed missions for the CIA.sandrarobbins_targeted-200x300 Now retired, they have opened The Firebrand Training Center to train military and law enforcement personnel. Enemies who will stop at nothing want vengeance on the brothers, and they intend to annihilate the leaders of Firebrand and those they love.

 Book 3 of this series is in my I HAVE TO READ THIS AS SOON AS I CAN GET MY HANDS ON IT pile.

So, the moral of this story is, don’t beat yourself up if you CAN’T seem to find time to read between hurrying hither and yon. Apparently the Farmer’s Almanac is calling for lots of snow in my neck of the woods in the next few months.

I’m not making any New Year’s resolutions, so I can spend the time I would have been researching diets or exercising doing what I love most . . .


Read on, readers!


7 thoughts on “Time to READ”

  1. Isn’t it frustrating when you can’t get to that must-read pile?! That’s how it’s been for me the last 3 months. I typically read a book a week, but I’ve managed only a book a month lately. 🙁 And yes, edits play a big part in that! Edits and marketing and writing the next story! A good problem to have, right?

    1. Definitely a good problem to have! LOL! I just finished going through the first complete edit of Carolina Dream, and now I want to have time to read it out loud to myself and see if it sounds right. According to my editor, we’re running ahead of schedule! Whoo-hooo!

  2. Ladies, it’s even more frustrating when you don’t have a TBR pile! I speak from experience. LOL And part of the reason I don’t have a TBR pile is because my Love Inspired order didn’t arrive. I shopped online on December 1. Order was supposed to be shipped on December 6 and I still don’t have the books. 🙁 And guess what is in that order? Sandra Robbins’ Stalking Season!!!! Boohoo. I was reading jinxed in December. Is her other series just in ebook format? I haven’t seen it before and it looks like my kind of read. And Regina, a library not having time to read is like the shoemaker’s children going shoeless. 🙂

    1. Kav, the Firebrand series is available on Amazon.com. It is A-MAZ-ING. You will love it. Sandra is part of the reason I’m seriously thinking of pulling one of my old stories with an FBI twist and creating a suspense story. Since I love to read romance AND suspense, I figure I may as well write them both! 🙂

  3. Hey, just stopping by to wish you ladies a Happy & Healthy New Year! I enjoy your blog and always read it…..sometimes as a lurker!
    I am an avid reader (ask Kav) and have read 141 books this year….Christian fiction. That’s less than last year, but after all, I had knee replacement and spent lots of time at doctors, hospital and rehab…that’s my excuse! lol

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