Operation Christmas Child

I’m pretty sure that Operation Christmas Child doesn’t require an introduction but I thought the first day of November was a fitting day to highlight this Samaritan Purse endeavor since the packed boxes are due to be collected the week of November 14-20.

In case you haven’t heard of the program, it’s an opportunity to share a bit of Christmas cheer and the gospel with needy children throughout the world. Participants fill a regular size shoe box with hygiene items, school supplies and toys and the boxes are collected locally and then distributed to children (regardless of race, religion or gender) throughout the world. Canadian boxes are heading to Haiti, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Venezula, Chile, Urugay, Guinea, Senegal, Ukraine and Sierre Leone. Which is why the boxes need to be collected my mid November. You can read more about this international program here:

Information on Operation Christmas Child

I’m attending a new church plant this year and I just realized that we haven’t organized an Operation Christmas Child project. Think I’ll volunteer to oversee that next year. Anyway, I was disappointed because I thought I’d missed out on this Christmas tradition but I just discovered that it’s possible to fill a Christmas box online! Perfect for me especially since I have a hard time getting around these days and shopping can be grueling. So this is a win/win for me…and maybe you. Check it out here.

Operation Christmas Child — fill a box online

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  1. My church has done this every year! I think it’s a great way to support missions in a tangible way, instead of just the weekly tithe in the offering plate. Don’t get me wrong; money is a wonderful way to further the kingdom, but this is a wonderful way to feel connected to other believers. I always liked to include something personal, like a small cross stitch piece, to make the opener of the box feel special. I hope you can organize for your church next year, Kav!

    1. Oh — I like the idea of including something personal like that, Stephanie. What a great tradition! I am hoping the pastor will go for it. I think it’s a really great project for families to do. Makes an impact on children. There’s just so much that goes into setting up a church plant — plus we meet out of a high school auditorium so collecting the boxes and holding them until pick up time will be something to figure out. The online shopping was fun for this year though. 🙂

  2. We’re doing this too. We went shopping last week and bought most of our items. I wish they would have a special donation for the parents though. They need so many everyday items. Also, I wish I could send boxes throughout the year through Samaritan’s Purse, but maybe I can. I’ve never gone to the website. (I’ll have to check out your link.) It’s such a neat mission.

    1. They have lots of projects going on. I didn’t delve into everything on their website since I was concentrating on Operation Christmas Child but Samaritan Purse is definitely a charity I trust and I’ll be looking into if further as well.

  3. I LOVE Operation Christmas Child. Our family organized it at our former church for years. And now we’re in a new, home church, and we’re doing it there. It’s my dream to someday be one of the people who delivers the OCC boxes to the children. 🙂 It’s such a beautiful way to share Jesus around the world!

    1. Oh, now I know who to contact for info regarding setting the program up for my church! I’ll be picking your brain, Brenda. And I noticed on the website that they do take a limited number of volunteers to a few select countries to help with the distribution. That would be really neat for sure.

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