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Can one word change your life? We believe the answer is yes. Think about it. It only took one word to accept a wedding proposal, and a word like “cancer” can send your life into a tailspin.

But the word we want to talk about for the next two weeks is one each of us have chosen to focus on in the new year. We hope you’ll join us in prayerfully choosing your own word. By focusing on this word, we hope the heightened awareness will help each of  grow in that area.


Of course the list can go on and on. Last year, my word was “gratitude.” I wanted to learn to be grateful in all circumstances–even the bad ones. It wasn’t hard to be grateful on our Alaskan cruise, surrounded by friends and God’s beauty, but it wasn’t as easy sitting by my husband’s hospital bed, day after day in the ICU.

Gratitude fills me whenever I look at our family photo this year.
Gratitude fills me whenever I look at our family photo this year.

Still, my year of “gratitude” focus helped me see the blessings God was pouring in during that time. I was surrounded by family and friends, both in person, by phone, and through Facebook. People from across the country lifted him before the Father, including those who didn’t even know him.

Incredible doctors took care of him.  One of those is a man who studied at Harvard and John Hopkin’s and did his residency at Mayo. He had dual specialties in pulmonology and infectious disease. He grew up in Council Bluffs and came back here because he wanted to be close to his patients. This incredibly kind doctor left at 11 at night and came in before 5 to check on David. I had to think God put him in this place, at this moment to be here for us. And I was incredibly grateful.

So what is this year’s word? I’m teaching a ladies class at church, and for the last few weeks, we’ve been studying “wisdom.” I’ve decided to make that my word for the year. God promises to give us wisdom when we ask for it ( ). I want to be more aware of asking for and using wisdom in all areas of my life– in making healthy choices, in the words I use, in the things I commit to, and in the words I put on a page for readers.

Ready to pick your word? There are no rules, and we’d love to hear it.

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Lorna Seilstad

Lorna Seilstad brings history back to life using a generous dash of humor. She is the author of the Lake Manawa Summers Series and the Gregory Sisters Series. She and her husband have three children and call Iowa home. Find out more at www.lornaseilstad.com or connect with her on Facebook and on Twitter.

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  1. Wisdom is a great word, and a wonderful thing to ask for. I think of Soloman, who could have had anything he wanted, and he asked for wisdom. Granted, he didn’t always exercise the wisdom God gave him, but it was wise to even ask. Praying for your wisdom and continued gratitude this year, Lorna!

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