Inksper Wins Genesis Award

Saturday night, I sat glued to my computer screen watching the ACFW Awards Gala in Nashville, TN. Sure, I knew several of the finalists in both the Genesis and the Carol Award categories, but I there was one person’s name I couldn’t wait to hear called.

The Genesis Awards are for unpublished authors and the Carol Awards recognizes published authors. The gala starts with dinner, then gives away some special awards, and finally gets to the Genesis Awards.

After what seemed like forever, her category came. “And the nominees for the Genesis Speculative category are . . .”

I didn’t breathe, and I knew she wasn’t breathing either.

“And the winner is–Dawn Ford!”

I screamed. My daughter came running downstairs. I watched her take the stage and give her acceptance speech with such poise and grace.

Rom. 13:7 says to “give honor to those to whom honor is due,” and it’s certainly due Dawn. She has stuck with writing, and she’s prayed and sought God’s direction. She has worked hard at honing her craft, working and reworking stories, and sticking with the category of heart. We couldn’t be more proud.

It's hard to see everyone at once, but here's Dawn's flat posse.
It’s hard to see everyone at once, but here’s Dawn’s flat posse.

Her husband called me a little while after the gala concluded. He hadn’t be able to watch the whole thing because of work, but I was able send him this link. You can check it out, too, and see Dawn at the 36:40 on the counter.

Then, today in church, Dawn’s son was our song leader. He had to brag on his mom and lead a song of celebration in her honor.

And did I mention she took all her Inksper and writing buddies with her? She called us her Flat Posse, and she took us to meals and even to listen to the speakers. What a commitment to the learning of her peers!

Speaking of learning, another big surprise that occurred at ACFW was the announcement that Minnesota’s N.I.C.E. chapter was the Chapter of the Year. Our own Brenda Anderson is the president of Minnesota N.I.C.E. and this group was truly blessed by her leadership.

Lots of our Inksper friends took home awards, too, and we congratulate all of the finalists and winners in each category.


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10 thoughts on “Inksper Wins Genesis Award”

  1. I was watching and screaming too! So excited for Dawn! And she was so poised when she gave her acceptance speech — and so elegant in that gown. Loved the colour. Thrilled to pieces for her. Wooooootttttttt!

    1. Aw, thank you, Kav! My knees were shaking so bad, I thought for sure it looked like I was having a seizure. LOL. Such a wonderful night, and I’m glad you were there with me, watching me. I could feel all of your support and love.

  2. Yay, Dawn!!!!!! I’ve been doing the Snoopy Dance with Dawn since I learned. 😀 As Lorna said, no one has worked harder at honing her craft, no one has been more persistent than Dawn, and this is a well-earned honor. I was so bummed I couldn’t watch the live feed, so thank you for the link, Lorna.

    1. Brenda, you have been one of my unfailing supporters and I thank you so much for that, and for the chocolate left in my room. It really warmed me to know you took the time to do that for me.

  3. Oh, my, goodness!! What a night!! I sat by Kathy Anderson who is part of our Iowa/Nebraska ACFW (IN group to us,lol!) who also won in her Genesis category. I honestly jumped when my name was called, I was so surprised. Next step is getting Kingdom Come published. Watch out world. Here I come!!!

  4. I just watched your acceptance speech, Dawn. Wonderful job. You were gorgeous and so sincere and genuine. You’re on your way girl! So proud of you!

  5. Dawn, I’m sorry I didn’t stop by earlier, but CONGRATULATIONS!!! I’m SO happy for you, and you totally deserve this award. I can’t wait to hear what God has in store for you next.

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