When History and Literature Collide

My story begins last Saturday night.

Marion, KY is a very small town. I mean, like, 3,000 people small. Some claim that there’s nothing to DO here. So, the library (ahem) is trying to offer more recreational activities to spice things up. Last Saturday, however, was NOT a library activity, but our local Community Arts Foundation offering a Chautauqua speaker portraying Daniel Boone!


Some of you who know me know that Fess Parker, who played Daniel Boone in the 60’s television series, was my first crush. I’ve been fascinated with Daniel Boone since I was about 4 years old.

Daniel_Boone_book._copyThis, however, was NOT Fess Parker, but actor Kevin Hardesty portraying the character of Captain Boone much more realistically. He told of the hardships and triumphs of the frontier, stories of his family and of the many trials they faced. I was captivated.

You can imagine, then, how enthralled I was to begin reading Laura Frantz’s latest book, A Moonbow Night. I started reading that night after being immersed in the frontier with Daniel Boone. In my mind I went straight to 1777 Cumberland Falls, in Eastern Kentucky, and the very area where A Moonbow Night takes place, but it meant even more, now.

MoonbowLFI’m so glad I was in that place at that moment. The literary descriptions, turns of phrase, and deep point of view of Laura’s stories consistently hold me in a state of attention that literally makes me lose track of what time, era, place, I’m in.

As of today, I’m only halfway through , but I wanted to share what I’m reading right now, because I’m so excited about it. If you like to lose yourself in a good book, pick this one up – or any of Laura’s books, for that matter! Every time I declare one “my favorite” of hers, I read another that replaces it!

Oh, and if you’re ever in Eastern Kentucky (which to us Western Kentuckians is a “whole ‘nuther country”), check out Cumberland Falls. It’s a beautiful place in the daytime, but now my dream is to visit it when I can actually witness a real-live “moonbow!”

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  1. I’ve driven through Kentucky on the way to Florida, but haven’t made Kentucky my destination yet. That has to change! It is a beautiful state, from what I’ve seen. And I’d love to visit the setting for A Moonbow Night. LOVED the book! Laura Frantz has to be my favorite writer of today. What a gift she has for the written word!

    1. Brenda, Kentucky has so many different land-forms that it is a continual mystery. There are massive forests, the rolling hills, the mountains, the caves, the rivers and lakes. I’ve never been bored with the scenery OR the history of the 15th state! I stayed up way too late reading last night, and then was so excited I couldn’t sleep afterward! I agree, Laura is amazing, lyrical, and totally literary in her writing!!

  2. Oh, so love this – and all the images, too, Regina! Thrilled Brenda is chiming in, too:) I was just talking to a schoolteacher friend who loves KY history like we do and thought of you and how appreciative you are of this setting (like this teacher friend, too). In my small way, I really wanted to preserve or keep alive our state’s history as it’s so rich and unique and heartrending, etc. Having you read Moonbow and spotlight it here blesses me more than you know! I’ve been wanting to get to the falls again but thought I’d wait till spring when everything is blooming in those hills surrounding it. Maybe I’ll spy Tempe, too:) Bless you and Brenda for being the best of fellow authors, book missionaries, and so much more, sharing the joy of Christian fiction. I’m putting together a meme that spotlights spring releases like yours and Brenda’s to share on social media soon. I’ll be sure and tag you. So thankful we’re in this together!

    1. And that’s why I loved Fess Parker . . . lol!! Oh, Laura, I’ve known you were extra-special since the first day I met you! You’re one of those people who just have good hugs! 🙂 Thank you for YOUR encouragement! I have literally been enthralled by A Moonbow Night. Last night I was in tears just reliving what the hero and heroine had gone through. Bless you all over – I don’t like to cry, but THIS is totally worth it!

  3. I haven’t read A Moonbow Night yet, but it’s on my list! I’ve read several of Laura’s books and loved them. She’s such a talented storyteller, and never having been to Kentucky (or much of the East Coast, for that matter), I love learning new things about my country that she uncovers.

    1. You should visit, Stephanie! Now in March, you might have 70 degrees one day and snow the next, but . . . LOL! At least that’s the forecast THIS week! Laura should be granted an ambassadorship for Kentucky history! One of my favorite things are the quotes before each chapter – all of them quotes from famous Kentuckians, books about Kentucky, or by Kentucky Authors. Awesome!

  4. I read Moonbow Night a while ago and man, it gutted me. How on earth did people have the fortitude to live through all they did? We always talk about the pioneers and how incredible they were but these Colonial settlers…man…I just….can’t even describe how in awe of them I am. And the book is so incredible. There was this one point — an aha moment when things clicked and once they did I realized that the author had left little clues along the way and maybe I was too dense to pick up on it? So I asked other people and they had the same gasp moment I did. That’s amazing writing right there. To lead a reader along and continually surprise her from start to finish. Loved that book.

  5. Laura’s book is in my TBR list!!! I so love Larua’s books. I can’t wait to read it and I will think of you when I do!

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