Heart of David

He only lived seventy years, but David made a lasting impression for generations to come. Giant killer, check. King of a nation, check. Man after God’s own heart, check. Let’s not forget he is the father of the wisest man in history and a great, great etc…grandfather of the Messiah. Athough David did some not so note-worthy things, he always rebounded. It was always about his heart. A heart attuned to God.

Psalm quote (250x185)After David sinned horribly and tried to cover it up, (which, come on David, did you really think you were going to get away with it, King or not?) he still found his way back into the shelter of God’s love and grace. Not only did manage to pour his heart into his Psalms, they have encouraged and helped millions of people since they were written. Isn’t that a writer’s dream? To have their writing last for centuries and still be viable and inspiring?

So, for my Biblical figure to have a conversation with, it would have to be David. I’d ask him what in the world possessed him, meager though he was, to go before a giant and his army. How did he draw on the strength of God’s love, even when he was running for his life? How did he face Nathan’s rebuke of his and Bathsheba’s affair and his hand in Uriah’s death? Did your son Solomon ever act like he knew more than you?

These and more questions would fill a notebook that I would ask if I could.

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Dawn Ford

Dawn is a young adult fiction author, creating authentic stories that cut through the lies we hide behind to break through to our inner truths. Her passions are her faith, family, shoes, purses, things that sparkle, and anything steampunk. Keep up with Dawn's news and events at dawnfordauthor.com.

9 thoughts on “Heart of David”

  1. Dawn…

    Great choice. I’d considered writing about Bathsheba or King Solomon on my blog day.

    David is an interesting Biblical character to say the least and would be a great man to talk to.

  2. I would love to know the answer to all your questions to King David, Dawn; but I would be so in awe of him, I would sit quietly while you asked and he answered.


  3. David is such a great example of God’s grace and redemption. It gives hope to the rest of us! Our Passion Play this spring had a Chris Tomlin song, “Your Heart, from David’s POV, and it tied David and Jesus together so well! Yes, David is a definite “must meet!”

  4. Regina, I would have loved to have seen it! The only downfall is that I probably would’ve been inclined to be a bit wet-eyed.

    Oh, heaven is going to be such fun!

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