Fall favorites

Five Fall Favorites

Welcome to Fall! I’m not a summer person. At. All. Give me ten below over 90 above any day! So I’m ecstatic that fall is finally here.

Fall is my favorite season, hands down. Here are a five reasons why:

  1. Sweatshirt and shorts weather begins. And bare feet, of course. That’s my wardrobe throughout winter and into spring. In the house anyway. I will dress warmer to go outside the house once the temps drop below 65. Usually.
  2. I love the fall colors. Who doesn’t? This year I’m hoping to drive up along Lake Superior’s north shore to view the leaves. The colors can be spectacular up there!
  3. Windows in the house are open. Since I dislike hot weather, AC is on pretty much all summer. I love being able to open up the house and let cool breezes refresh it. Don’t you love the scent of fall?
  4. Pumpkin pie season. My favorite pie of all. Just add a dollop or two of whipped cream, and I’m set.
  5. Fun bird watching. I love watching the flight of birds heading south, and it amazes me to think of the God-built-in instinct given to His creatures. Hopefully on our trek along the North Shore we’ll make a stop at Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory. I’ve heard that’s the best place to take in the migration.

What are your favorite things about fall?

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9 thoughts on “Five Fall Favorites”

  1. Shorts and bare feet in the fall and winter??? Brrr! I prefer cozy pajama pants and knit socks! But everything else sounds lovely–wait, except the open windows. I suffer from fall allergies, so an open window makes me think of sneezing and itchy eyes. It’s torturous to know it’s gorgeous outside and not be able to let it it! But as for MY favorite fall things– craft shows, apple chais, and cooler weather.

  2. I love fall but I am a fan of warmer weather. Fall to me is sweats or jammy pants, like Stephanie, sweatshirts and fuzzy socks. A bonfire, weenie roast with s’mores is right up my alley. Also, I love to rake and burn leaves. Call me a fire bug. I like warmth.

    1. Oh I love bonfires and weenie roasts & s’mores! Just the mention of them fills my imagination with wonderful scents & tastes. ~~~ I’m hot all the time, especially my feet!, so I relish the cold weather. 🙂

  3. Around our house it’s football! High school, college and pros. Also, October is the best month on Arkansas to do anything outside. So weekends are jam packed with craft fairs, festivals, retreats. I wish I could take a vacation from my day job for the whole month!

    1. Wouldn’t that be nice to take a month long vacation in September or October? I love football too. Our Vikings might actually be good this year. Plus I’m a huge fan of the North Dakota State University Bison who’ve won 5 national championships in a row. My son plays for their marching band, so he’s loving their success. And then we’re new Philadelphia Eagles fans because the former QB for NDSU was drafted #2 by the Eagles this past winter, and now he’s their starting QB. Sorry – went off on a football tangent there. 😉

  4. Not a football fan — at all — but I love everything else about the fall. It’s my favourite season as well. Love the cooler temps as well and the changing colours. And oddly enough, the putting the garden to bed for the winter. It’s just as exciting to me as planting in the spring. I’m with you on the pumpkin pie as well. Whipped cream not optional. And I love, love, love the Canada geese honking overhead, They start doing training flights in early September and then head south in October.

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