Election Day prayer

After what seems like the longest two years in the history of man, it’s finally here: Election Day.

The day when all of the political ads will finally cease. When our Facebook feeds can get back to pictures of cute kids and funny memes, instead of articles pointing out why you should or shouldn’t vote for a certain candidate. When we can talk to our extended family and hope the phrase “who are you voting for?” doesn’t pop up (just in time for the holidays, too, since nothing kills a family celebration like a discussion on politics).

Yeah, right.

You see, as much as I’m looking forward to tomorrow, and having life get back to normal, it’s not going to. Tomorrow, there’s going to be a person that we call “president elect.” And there’s going to be a whole lot of people who aren’t happy about who that person is.

I feel very blessed that I live in a country in which I can vote, as a citizen and as a woman. I’ve voted in every election since I turned 18. I like the adage, “if you don’t vote, then you don’t have a right to complain about our government.” I vote so I have a right to complain if I don’t like the way things are.

But you know what? I’m not sure if that attitude is going to be very helpful come January 20. No matter who wins this election tonight, there’s going to be a large population who is unhappy about the person who will be sworn to uphold the constitution and the ideals of the United States. There will be people who will privately and publicly disavow this person. There will be people who resort to violence to vent their frustration that their candidate didn’t win. There might even be people who call for the death of that person, and might possibly even try to carry it out.

And that’s just the people on the losing side.  On the winning side, there will be arrogance. There will be poor decisions made in the name of “party” politics. There will be refusal to work with the “losing” party.

Sadly, I don’t believe most of this is unavoidable, as vitriolic as this election cycle has been. But you know what we need most right now?


Come tomorrow morning, and on January 20, we need unity. We need people willing to put aside the hate-spewing, and the dirty names, and the horrible, awful things that have been said about either party, and just learn to work together. It doesn’t matter whether there’s a Democrat or a Republican or any other person in the White House. What matters is that the parties work together to bring our nation out of the darkness that has consumed it for far too long.

So, I think instead of complaining about my government (because, after all, perhaps I didn’t vote that person into office!), my time would be much better spent in prayer. Praying for the president-elect. Praying for the people who didn’t support that candidate. Praying for the people who will be leading our nation over the next four years, that they make wise decisions, that they put their personal agendas aside and work toward a common goal. Praying that our leaders will seek Christ first.

Because no matter who is the next president of our United States, Jesus is still King.

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Stephanie Ludwig is a former reporter turned public relations professional who loves Jesus and writing about mysteries, music, and murder. She is an avid L.M. Montgomery fan, and collects anything having to do with Anne of Green Gables.

8 thoughts on “Election Day prayer”

    1. Thanks, Brenda. It’s really been weighing on my heart; no matter who wins, they need to unify this country back together.

  1. And this is what my mantra has been for months now. Especially when the gut-wrenching fear threatens. I’ve prayed and prayed. I must now trust that God is in control no matter what. At least in that I can always trust.

    1. What a great mantra, Dawn! I must admit, I haven’t always been praying FOR the people who are elected (more like, please DON’T let so-and-so get elected!), but that’s really all we can do. Surrender our fears, and trust that God’s got it all under control.

  2. Amen! I voted for both of the presidential candidates by name this morning. What a terrible physical and emotional strain this must be for them. Also prayed that tomorrow their followers will unite to support the winner. God is in control, but our hatred cannot help advance His plan.

  3. Yes — well said, Stephanie. Our small group included your elections in our prayer time….the results and future outcomes will be far reaching for sure! I can’t vote, but I sure can pray!

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