To Dream the Impossible Dream

My One Word for 2017 is AISLING. That’s Irish for dream or vision. Pronounced Ash-ling, by the way. It came to me during a really rough patch and I dismissed it as lame because, well, really, how can embracing dreaming be a life-changing One Word? More like a fluffly cop-out. At least, that’s what I thought at first. Until I realized I’d stopped dreaming. And not just new dreams, but I’d given up on the old ones too. And that left me mired in a gnarly reality with no where to go. Sounds depressing, right?

Well it was. Because somehow, I’d allowed my chronic pain condition to take over my whole life. I was micro-focusing on the present — not looking beyond the next hour. I was in survival mode, content to claw my way through the day until I could go to bed and get a few hours of sweet relief while I slept. So, basically, I was living to sleep. Period. ย And that scared me.

So when I started praying about my One Word and ‘dream’ kept coming to mind even though I kept dismissing it, I realized that God was telling me something. I needed to take my dreams back. Sure, with my new limitations those dreams need to be modified in order to be realistic, but that doesn’t mean they are impossible. Just different. And that’s okay, because for the first time in quite a while I’m looking up instead of down and enjoying the scenery along the way!

14 thoughts on “To Dream the Impossible Dream”

  1. Kav, you couldn’t have picked a better word. I’ve watched while you’ve cheered on every other writer in the universe, knowing full-well what an amazing writer you are, yourself. Sometimes I think God puts a delay on those dreams because He wants to know how committed we are to the dream, and to Him! Love you bunches, my friend!

  2. As an avid reader, I have seen how you cheer on writers! I have learned so much about books/writers from your reviews! I admire you for how you are handling your pain. If you write a book and are published, I will be the first in line to buy it!

  3. Dear Kav, I understand what you are saying, pain can be so dibilating. But you always have a kind and humorous word for others, a real gift of encouragement. Bravo to you for not letting the pain win and determining in your heart to look to God!

    Dreaming a dream for you Ms. Aisling that all your dreams come true. No one deserves it more!

  4. What a beautiful word, Kav! It’s so easy to get distracted by our problems, to let them become the main thing. Our dreams are gifts from God, and I’m so glad that you’re pursuing them once again!

    1. Oh, I love how you phrased that — our dreams are gifts from God. That’s going on my dream wall. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Dream on, Kav! It’s hard to accept when long-held dreams change, but that does’t mean the new ones aren’t just as cherished. Didn’t Anne Shirley say something about life always being worthwhile as long as you can dream? ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I think there’s a motivational Anne Shirley quote for every occasion and that one fits the bill. Hmmm…maybe I will have to read the Anne-girl stories again for inspiration.

  6. Sorry I’m late to comment. I’m so glad you found the determination to dream again. Living where pain rules everything is not an easy path. But I know you can do this. I have faith that God will give you the strength you need to keep your dreams alive.

  7. I’ve had some very vivid night-time dreams lately. These always remind me that on the inside, I am the same little girl who used to have so many big dreams for my future. In our dreams, anything is possible, and with God, that is still true! Keep dreaming, Kav, and we will keep praying that your pain and discomfort will be lessened so that you can begin to pursue those dreams. So glad to have you in my life, my new friend.

  8. Oh, that’s the way I feel, Jenny. Perpetually twelve! Then my feet hit the floor and reality sets in. LOL Thanks for your prayers!

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