Today is Thanksgiving Day. While you may or may not be celebrating today, the weekend is a time to stop and consider for what we are thankful.

GiveThanksWriting is a blessing, and I am thankful that I am able to put pen to paper.

I’m around the written word all day, every day. As a public library director, I have no shortage of great literature to read.

So, since there is so much to read, what could I get out of writing? For what am I thankful?

I thought of a few things:

1. I’m thankful for the satisfaction of knowing that I, too, can write a full-length novel. It may never be published, but it’s there, and it pleased ME. I wrote the kind of book that I like to read. Isn’t that what we should ALL strive to do, as writers?

2. I’m thankful for a blog family, and a place to write regularly. Sometimes my blog posts are seat-of-the-pants write-it-this-morning posts that hit all the points needed, but don’t have a lot of depth. Sometimes there is actual thought put into it (This one, I hope!). Sometimes it’s a place where I can share a meaningful memory or experience. Ah, those are the ones I love the most. When I can talk about what God is doing in my life, or about a beloved family member, a wonderful experience from my past – that’s the stuff dreams are made of, for a writer – or at least, for this writer.

3. I’m thankful for my writer-friends. Writing has given me friends I would have never known, otherwise. When I started writing fanfiction and posting it online, I found some kindred spirits, none of them published. I found one of my best friends. I found a community. Some of those friends have since been published (cough,cough – Lorna Seilstad, Marlene (J.S.Marlo), and they’ve dragged all of us along for the thrilling ride!

4. I’m thankful for those writing connections that help me in my job as a librarian. Writing has given me insight into the writers that I love to read, and has enhanced my knowledge of the publishing world. I’ve actually MET these people. I know some of the things they go through. I know what their novels are based on, and I can pass on that knowledge to others that might want to read more of this or that author’s work.

But the thing I’m most thankful for, writing-wise?

5. God’s grace and forgiveness.

PIEYes, I would love to be published. Yes, I would like to see my name on a book cover. But that’s not why I was given even the smidgen of ability to write that I was given. I was given it to glorify HIM, not me. Maybe that’s why I haven’t written beyond this blog in a very long time. Because I have to know that the only reason to write is to write for HIM.

Maybe I need to change WHAT I write?

I thought, just the other day, that some of my favorite blog posts have been family stories – stories that have been passed down from both sides of my family. Maybe I should write about another time, and what happens with real families who are just trying to live each day, loving one another, and loving their Lord.

Sometimes (especially if I’ve been watching Doctor Who!), I think of storylines that are pure fantasy. What would happen if . . . ?

Then there are mysteries, crime drama . . . all the things I enjoy on television . . .

One thing is for sure, though. I will write when God tells me what He wants me to write. In this particular instance, this post, I’m writing for YOU . . . but really?

It’s for HIM.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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When she traded small-town life for the bright lights of Chicago, Jennifer Edwards yearned to discover a world beyond Faith, South Dakota. So when her father’s illness calls her home to run their cattle ranch, she tells herself it’s temporary. Then why is she even thinking about a future with archaeology professor Brett Lange-the boy she left behind-whose life’s work is digging up the past?

Twelve years ago, Brett had a crush on Jennifer the size of the T-rex that put his hometown on the map. Now she’s a citified magazine editor who prefers designer duds to dungarees. Except that’s not the real Jennifer. Brett needs to make her see how a little faith can go a long way in uniting two perfectly-in-sync hearts.

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