Chain of Mercy Giveaway

Celebrate with us!

We couldn’t be more thrilled to celebrate the release of our own Brenda Anderson’s debut novel, Chain of Mercy. So as we share what we’re reading during this next couple of weeks, we will also be having a party with a great prize and with calorie-free food. Can it get better than that?

Let’s start things off with the heroine’s favorite treat:

Fig Newtons



Now, what else do we need to do this party up good?



Wait. We need one more thing. PRIZES!!!!!

Every time you leave a comment, your name will be entered in a special giveaway for an autographed copy of Chain of Mercy, a box of Fannie May chocolates, and Phillips Craig & Dean’s “Breathe In” CD. 

Chain giveaway

What am I reading? Why Brenda’s Chain of Mercy of course.

Here’s the back cover copy:

They forgave him for the accident that killed their son, but he will never forgive himself.

Manhattan businessman Richard Brooks was at the top of the world, drunk with

Success … Wealth … Women …

And he proudly lived that prodigal lifestyle.

Until one disastrous evening, when that world came crashing down.

Richard flees to Minneapolis where he repairs ancient boilers instead of solving corporate problems, and he’s determined to live the solitary life he now deserves …

Chained to his guilt. Blending in with the gray. No luxuries in sight. But Executive Sheila Peterson has other plans for the handsome custodian. She’s had it with serious relationships, and Richard appears to be the perfect match for the no-strings-attached romance she desires. Instead, she finds a man who is complex, brilliant, and shrouding a tormented past.

In her quest to uncover the secrets holding Richard captive, will her own secrets remain buried?

RUN, don’t walk to your favorite bookstore or online retailer to get this book or buy it here.

And before start reading it, make sure to leave a comment to be entered in the giveaway. Tell us if you’re a Fig Newton lover. If not, what’s your favorite cookie.

Personally, I don’t think a F.N. would make my top ten, but I enjoy one on a special occasion, which this certainly is.

Disclaimer: Giveaway open to continental U.S. addresses only. Giveaway ends on Friday, May 9 at midnight, central time zone. Winner chosen by Random. org.

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Lorna Seilstad

Lorna Seilstad brings history back to life using a generous dash of humor. She is the author of the Lake Manawa Summers Series and the Gregory Sisters Series. She and her husband have three children and call Iowa home. Find out more at or connect with her on Facebook and on Twitter.

51 thoughts on “Celebrate with us!”

  1. Well, we all know what Lorna’s favorite cookie is, don’t we? Hmmm?

    Love Fig Newtons. Love Phillips, Dean and Craig! Love Chain of Mercy!! Love Chocolate!!!! AHHHHHHH.

    And it’s only Monday.

  2. I do have a fondness for Fig Newtons and know I am part of a select few. 🙂 I think I’ll have to indulge in a few when I read Chain of Mercy. And congrats to Brenda once again. Can’t wait to read your debut!

  3. Thanks, everyone, for joining in the celebration!

    Fig Newtons aren’t my favorite, but they’re probably in the top 10. My absolute favorite cookie would be Mrs. Fields’ milk-chocolate chip. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

  4. Reading Chain of Mercy of course. Mrs. Field’s cookies do have a fave spot in my stomach. Love milk chocolate chip/walnut ones, but their sugar cookies with heavy frosting satisfy the extra sweet tooth too. Mmmm.

  5. Whoo Hoo!!! It’s a celebration!!!!

    Hmmm…fig newtons….are icky! Although my husband LOVES them.

  6. Woo Hoo, Brenda! I’m trying to read Chain of Mercy – but we’ve had tornadoes, a sick kid, and I have a book deadline. I may have to give up until May 15th – my deadline. Then I’ll be able to concentrate and give it the time it deserves.

    1. Shannon – I now have the joy of understanding deadlines! My next book is due to the publisher by June 1. But thankfully it’s already written and you & Lorna have critiqued it. I just have to tweak it a little bit to update new technological & medical aspects.

  7. Fig Newtons!!!!!! and Chocolate!!!!! and books and music! What a giveaway!!!!!! Thanx. (Fig Newtons were always in my care packages while stationed in Germany. I took the Fig Newtons, my troops got the homemade cookies!!!!!)

  8. Well I do like the raspberry fig newtons the best. But my favorite cookie is Macaroons. I would really enjoy an autographed copy from my best past neighbor in Fargo, ND!

  9. Fannie Mae Chocolates and a Book!
    What more could a girl ask for!
    Thanks for entering me in your giveaway.

  10. My favorite are chocolate chip cookies. I like fig newtons once in a while.

  11. The book!! Chains of Mercy!! I keep giving them away as I know it will be great. The next one I get I will keep for myself…..can’t read it if I don’t have it. I love all cookies….No pie or cake or anything ……just cookies….cookie monster here.

    1. Hi Sharyn! You’re too generous. 🙂 I think it’s great that you’re sharing my book, but yes, you need to keep one for yourself!

      I like some pie and cake, but cookies definitely win!

  12. I’m looking forward to reading Chain of Mercy, but doubt I’ll be sharing the Fig Newtons. They are OK, but not a favorite. I like the filling, but the cookie dough part needs improvement in my opinion. Peanut butter cookies are a favorite for me.

  13. Congrats on the book! 🙂 Fig Newtons might make my top ten, but they are largely overshadowed by Oreos, any form of home made chocolate chip cookies, mint cookies of any sort, etc.
    lattebooks at hotmail dot com

  14. Well, I am not a fig newton lover but I am sure loving the book! Have you tried the new watermelon Oreos. I have given up sugar but those could make me cave…who will try them for me?

  15. What an awesome giveaway! Who doesn’t love to eat chocolate with a good book. A new CD to listen while riding in the car. They are one of my favorite Christian bands.My favorite store bought cookie would have to be OREO’s and my favorite homemade cookie is chocolate chip. Thank you for this chance to win! ~ Blessings to you~

    1. I figured you can’t go wrong with chocolate, music, & books! Those are three basic needs in life, right? And if that chocolate is Oreo’s or homemade chocolate chip, all the better!

  16. I love fig newtons!!! I end up eating way more than I should once the package is opened. These will be good to snack on while reading the book I hope to win… Also the CD will be wonderful to listen to.
    Thank you for a chance to be a winner!

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