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Inksper’s Social Media Links

We’ve spent the past couple weeks talking about the benefits–and some of the downsides–of social media, and we figured [...]

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Introducing New Inkspy, Stacy Monson!

Here at Inkspirational Messages we’re thrilled to introduce you to our new member, Stacy Monson! I met Stacy over [...]

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The Power of Blogging

Introducing a new blog — On Blogging Well: Tips to Take Your Blog from Stagnant to Stunning. I enjoy [...]

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Weekend Edition – Coming Up Next

A special thank you to everyone who’s stopped by for a visit during our debut weeks. We’ve loved introducing [...]

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…Really. I was a feral child of the written word. You know, like Romulus and Remus who were raised by [...]

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Regina here with the story of my writing journey, which started in first grade.  My mom still has evidence—tons [...]

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From the Front Seat of a Roller Coaster

I love roller coasters. Ones quick as cheetahs and tall as Minneapolis’ sky scrapers. I love coasters with hairpin [...]

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A Bit of a Different Bird…

In such a group of diverse and talented women, I feel a slight bit out of place.  That’s nothing [...]

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Hello From The Heart Of Dixie

Kim here to start off the new week and the next round of introductions. To steal a line from [...]

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A Line (or two) from Linda

Funny thing, being a writer. Like the Reading Rainbow show I watched when my kids were younger — you [...]

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