When Canada hands you record snows…

What’s a Canuk to do but make the best of a snowy situation? We’ve had record snowfalls this year. Seriously it snowed and snowed and snowed and…Well, there’ a lot of snow lying around up here. We can either ignore it or use it for the greater good. Β Me? I’ve pretty much got the ignore thing down pat as long as I have a good book in hand. But the more hardy souls are getting out there and having fun in the snow.


Like making a snowman. This is Chubby from Halifax. I wonder how long it took to make him?


Lot’s of Canadians enjoy skating on the longest skating rink in the world in the nation’s capitol.


And why wait for summer when you can hold ice dragon boat races in winter?


And then there’s always snow sculptures. We go for them in a big way in winter festivals all over the country.


When the snow threatens to take over your yard, why not build a really big fort? That’s what an Ottawa dad did, though the city made me tear it down because they felt it was a safety risk for children in the neighbourhood.


No worries about making a maze for your dog though. With all the snow they’ve been getting in New Brunswick this owner dug out a maze in his backyard so his pooch could still get his daily exercise.


Ice sculptures are pretty popular too. Naturally, hockey is frequently portrayed. Canadians are hockey crazy. Kids play it on the street and in neighbourhood rinks. When I was a kid I used to lament the lack of figuring skating time.


But the best part of a Canadian winter are Beavertails! They sell them year round but it’s become a tradition to have them sold at winter festivals. Fried dough topped with your choice of decadent extras. My favourite is cinnamon and sugar like this one here. Served piping heart — the perfect way to keep your fingers warm…as long as it lasts!

How about you — any popular winter activities happening in your neck of the woods?




5 thoughts on “When Canada hands you record snows…”

  1. With the exception of this being a super-light winter, and an ice-melting February, it sounded like you were describing Minnesota. Until you reached the Beavertails. Now I’m wondering why we don’t have Beavertails here …

    1. Oh, the beavertails are a-m-a-z-i-n-g. And calorie free since you’ve expended so much energy in all those winter activities. πŸ™‚

  2. Probably the most popular “winter” activities happening right now are grilling and walks outside! Seriously, we’ve been seeing record-high temperatures (think 65-70 degrees) for the last week or so. It’s nice, but I really hope it doesn’t mess up our spring blooms because it’s supposed to finally feel like winter again this weekend. I admit, I was a little worried about what a “beavertail” was, but it sounds exactly like a funnel cake that you can get down here at carnivals and fairs. Who doesn’t love fried dough? Yum!

    1. LOL — yes beavertails are vegetarian. I was worried about that when I was kid having a certain fondness for beavers after reading the Narnia books. πŸ™‚ I can’t believe your wonky temps. I honestly think I’ll have snow on my front yard until well in May which will play havoc with my spring flowers too. We’ve had milder temps this week and things are starting to slowly melt but March usually holds some wicked storm weather for us each year so we’ll see what happens.

  3. Wow!! So much fun. Down south here we’ve had less snow than usual. But, this weekend Mother Nature seems to be planning to remedy that by sending us a storm. Great pictures, Kav! You Canuks have so much fun!

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