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Camping With Cows

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Camping with cows sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

Well, maybe not, but let me explain. I grew up on a dairy farm, and my best friend also grew up on a farm, so cows were always in the background. Summers were super busy with picking rock, harvesting crops, baling hay, and other *fun* farm chores, so we had to grab the free time when we could and camp close to home. That usually meant heading to one of two places: the hayloft or cow pasture.

The hayloft / shed was great for the rainy night. I’d head out there with my sister, my friend, and her younger sisters, munchies and boombox in tow. (No boys allowed!) We’d form a stage out of hay bales and pop in the Grease cassette or 8-track (yes, I know that ages me). Someone would blink a flashlight to create cool stage effects (for a hayloft, the effects were cool!) while others sang and danced.

MP900385381[1]For the non-stormy nights, my sister and I would bike over to our friend’s farm. She’d hook a large wagon onto a tractor, we’d fill the wagon with sleeping bags and blankets and pillows and boomboxes and guitars and munchies (we really roughed it!) and head out to a wooded part of the pasture. After getting a fire started, we’d roast hot dogs and make s’mores, then break out the guitars to serenade the cows.

Oddly enough, few cows visited us in that pasture. Wonder what that says about our music …


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12 thoughts on “Camping With Cows”

  1. What a fun post, Brenda. I can just picture it all except I think I would have been too scared to sleep in a barn-especially our barn.

    1. We were in the hayloft, so there was nothing scary… well, maybe a barn spider or two (have you seen the size of those critters??? shimmies…) and the occasional mouse. 😉 But, honestly, they never bothered us.

  2. Cows have beautiful eyes, don’t you think? My mom had cow eyes. Big, brown, thick curly eyelashes. I never could understand why she was offended when I told her so. I would have given anything to have her eyes instead of my dad’s ordinary hazel with stubby eyelashes. But I digress. Someone mentions cows and I think eyes, what can I say?

    Your summers sound idyllic, Brenda. I’m quite envious. And you even started a fire all by yourselves? Wow, I’m impressed. I’m such a city slicker.

    1. I can’t complain about my summers or growing up on a farm, Kav. It was a blessing. … I completely agree about cow eyes–they are gorgeous! A friend from college has those cow eyes–if she weren’t such a beautiful person inside & out, I’d be totally jealous. 😉 … Starting a fire wasn’t difficult–keeping it burning throughout the night was our biggest problem.

    1. Connie – we would have loved to have you join us! But who says we can’t relive our childhood a little bit? Can’t you see all of us middle-aged women jamming to Grease in the hayloft?

  3. And cows love music, lol!! At least ours did when we milked them. But dad listened to Engelbert Humperdinck. (saying that name always makes me snicker!) Well, I would’ve loved to ‘camp out’ in the barn, but I wouldn’t have been able to trust my brothers not to pull some sort of joke on their little sister. Ha. What wonderful memories!

    1. Cows do love music, Dawn! My dad kept the radio on when the cows were in the barn just because of that. … You know, it’s really a wonder that my four brothers didn’t play some practical joke on us. Guess I have super-nice brothers, huh?

  4. It was fun! My major problem with those nights was the mosquito’s. I’d pull the sleeping bag tight over my head and they’d still get in! Connie, we could still go out in the pasture at Virginia’s, no cow’s anymore though. Virginia would love it! We had a great time visiting and singing. Also, loved the campfires. I still remember one night we set out, it was good when we started, but low and behold a storm comes to visit. we threw things as fast as we could on the wagon to head back to the house which was probably a mile or more away.

  5. I learned a few details here that were new to me. Didn’t know you sisters had quite such elaborate campouts. Cows and music? I’ve heard that cows will produce more milk if you play nice calming music, but production goes down with hard rock… I’ve got a few favorite stories to share. The first was when Sandy and I were still childless. It was the fall of ’95, and we were planning our last outing of the year in our Palomino popup. I let her know that I got reservations at nice local campground near Whitewater State Park. Her reaction was sheer horror. She said that the temps would be near freezing that weekend, I replied that with the camper furnace and our electric blanket that we’d be plenty comfortable, and the daytime temperature was supposed to be in the 60’s. She then came up with other excuses that didn’t make much sense to me, and when I still thought we should go, she practically broke down and said that she didn’t know why, but we JUST COULDN’T GO this weekend! I knew that the battle was lost, so I changed the reservations to the following weekend. She appeared greatly relieved. So the next day, when I would have had the camper ready at the campground, but was instead at home, we got a call from the adoption agency that they had a 5 1/2 month old Korean baby that needed a family. He became our Matthew! God does work in marvelous ways! I’ve got more stories, but they’ll have to come another time. My wife is calling!

    1. Gary – I don’t know that I’ve ever heard that story about when the adoption agency called about Matthew! That is so cool! I think you just outdid all of our camping stories. 🙂

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