So, not to brag or anything, but today is my birthday.

Yep, “beware the Ides of March,” because that’s the day that I was born!

Aren’t birthdays interesting? Like any holiday, we celebrate them every year, but each year brings something different, depending on what age we are, what day of the week the birthdate falls on, heck, even what the weather is like that day. Being born in March, the weather could be a balmy 70 degrees, or a freezing 28. This year, March is going to stick to it’s “lion-like” weather on the 15th.

I was thinking back to some of my most memorable birthdays and thought I’d share a few of them.

Age 5- My cousin Jamie and I were born three weeks apart, so the year we turned 5, our parents arranged for us to have a joint birthday party together, complete with clown, cake and lots and lots of kids. Probably the biggest party I’ve ever had to celebrate a birthday, although my parents tell me I was pretty cranky due to getting my kindergarten shots the day before.

Age 16- Other than the fact that I was finally old enough to drive, this birthday is memorable because it was the last birthday I celebrated with my Grandma Queen. She had been in declining health for some time and recently ill, but on my sixteenth birthday, she was feeling good. She spent the evening with my family, having dinner, eating cake, and giving sass back as good as she got. She passed away 11 days later, and I will always treasure the last memories I made with her.

Me and Frodo in my college dorm room.

Age 19- My first birthday in college and away from home was made special by the efforts of my friends. I really into (re: obsessed) with Lord of the Rings at the time, so my group of friends banded together to get me a cardboard cutout of Frodo. Since I had an 8 a.m. class that day, my friends waited until I left, then snuck the cardboard  hobbit into my dorm room. However, they neglected to open my curtains, so upon stepping back into my room later that morning, all I could see was the dim outline of a person! I screamed, causing several people to come running, only to turn on the lights and realize I had been terrified of nothing more than a four-foot tall paper man with a flimsy sword. Yeah, that was humiliating. On the plus side, Frodo accompanied us on lots of adventures throughout the rest of my college career, including a trip to the local drive-in theater to see the next installment of (what else?) Lord of the Rings, and a starring role in one my student films, “When Your Date Falls Flat.” Frodo is now happily living out his golden years in my office at the symphony.

Age 21- Spring Break. Mexico. Not nearly as epic as it sounds. I had accompanied my campus ministry to Mexico for a mission trip that year, and unfortunately, caught a terrible cold the day we left. After doing manual labor all day in the hot sun, wiping my nose until it was raw, all I wanted to do was crawl into my sleeping bag and pass out for a few hours. My group had other plans, however. To celebrate my birthday and another guy’s, they had purchased a piñata, and made he and I take turns trying to break it. Blindfolded, no less. I was less than enthusiastic to make a fool of myself, and after several attempts, finally hit the stupid thing. It didn’t break! After the guy took a turn and it still didn’t crack, we realized the piñata was empty! I could have cried (and I think I did, a little) from exhaustion and disappointment. At least some candy would have helped sooth my weary soul!

There have been a lot of fun birthdays since those formative years, such as the time my coworkers decorated my office with streamers and hid Reese peanut butter cups all over it (truth– I literally found one two years later…and I plead the fifth on whether or not I are it [I did]). I usually have a celebratory dinner with my parents and brother’s family each year, and a bouquet of daffodils, my favorite flower. This year, I’m going to have lunch with one of my best friends, and see the new Beauty and the Beast movie in the theater on Saturday with my love.

What has been a memorable birthday for you?

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Stephanie Ludwig is a former reporter turned public relations professional who loves Jesus and writing about mysteries, music, and murder. She is an avid L.M. Montgomery fan, and collects anything having to do with Anne of Green Gables.

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  1. ♫♪ Happy Birthday, Stephanie! ♫♪ And thank you for sharing your birthday highlights. Love your life-like Frodo and the fact that he’s still around. 🙂 That’s great! ~~~ My most memorable birthday was my 25th (which also happened to be my golden birthday). My husband and I and a couple of his friends had tickets to the World Series that year, the first time since 1965 that the Minnesota Twins had been in the World Series. This was game 7, so the series was tied at 3 games a piece. And the Twins won! As a lifelong Twins fan, that was The Best birthday gift I’ve ever received. 🙂 Four years later, the Twins won the series again – and we were in attendance again. They didn’t play on my birthday, but they did win on each of the two days following my birthday, so I count that as a great birthday as well.

    1. What a fun memory and birthday present, Brenda! I myself am not a baseball fan, but occasionally, the figure skating World Championships are on my birthday, so I’ve watched several of my favorite skaters glide to gold on that special day. It’s exciting for them AND me!

  2. Happy birthday, Stephanie!!! My birthday is in July. Most of them have been spent quietly. I have had the boys, who were ALWAYS at camp over my birthday, send me birthday greetings in the form of sticks spelled out ‘Happy Birthday, Mom’, or a huge poster with the same. I treasure those birthday greetings!

    1. Dawn, that’s such a nice gesture from your boys! What a great way to remember your birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday, Stephanie!!!! I love your Frodo birthday story. Bwahahahahaha! Hope this one is just as exciting!

  4. Loved this post, and just got a chance to comment. One year, my sister and I planned a joint birthday party. I remember lots of pink and white streamers, and we even performed a puppet show for our guests. (Covering an ironing board with a sheet makes a great puppet stage).
    Also- my son has an almost life size cutout of a famous Razorback basketball player- Corliss Williamson who has followed him from college in Arkansas to his home in Florida. Though, these days Corliss resides in the garage, LOL.
    And- those cupcakes look delicious! Hope you are still celebrating. Happy Birthday!

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