Babies and Cats and Dogs – Oh, my!

I love to laugh. I hope I’m that grandma with laugh lines deeply imbedded in her face (which shouldn’t be hard – I’m well on the way). Obviously it’s not always appropriate to laugh, but sometimes those can be the times when it’s hardest not to. Like during communion when your grandma drops her little plastic cup and it bounces its way across the sanctuary (and bounces and bounces…), pinging off the granite floor in the silence.

Or during a sermon on a summer morning, when the sun reflects off the floor and makes a giant silhouette image of a friend of yours on the back wall (and they don’t know they’re bigger than life).

Or trying to be solemn while assembling for a graveside service right after someone comments about the Rolloff family being buried at the top of the hill (they had noticed the marker of someone buried long ago in that tiny town’s cemetery).

I have a file of “Keepers” in my inbox where I store emails people have sent that struck me particularly funny. More than once I’ve opened it and read a few – sure enough, I was soon smiling and feeling better.

Here are a few YouTube links that I hope will make you laugh today. Who can NOT laugh when a baby lets loose with that adorable belly laugh? Or when twins crack themselves up (and leave us out of the fun!)?

Even if you don’t like cats or dogs, it’s hard not to giggle at the predicaments they get themselves into or when they share a special talent.

Life can be pretty rough on occasion. I thank our God for laughter (He must have a sense of humor – He created the hippopotamus, after all!).

12 thoughts on “Babies and Cats and Dogs – Oh, my!”

  1. Those were all worth a belly laugh. 😀

    I love how babies laugh at the simplest things… Where does that go when we become adults?

    Makes me think about Mark 10:15 that says receive the Kingdom of God like a child.

  2. Rose, we STILL giggle about the Rolloffs. But it was awful at the time – trying to look serious while your family is snickering around you.

    I agree, Brenda. Where do we lose that childlike wonder and enjoyment of the simple things?

  3. Oh Stacy! ROLLOFF? I would have had a terrible time keeping a straight face at that! 😉

    I love to laugh, and I think my laugh-lines are getting nice an entrenched in my face! LOL

  4. I have lifelines, too, and treasure them. That makes Grandmas more fun, and you’ll be a great one. Just back from Philippines trip, absorbing, adjusting, a hard trip physically at times and luggage lost & had to speak wedged into someone else’s clothes, but rewarding in so many ways.

  5. Snicker. I never get tired of watching that dog flop over dead!!!! The cats were funny too, especially the ones that jump out and scare other creatures and innocent babies…but the poor fan feline — that has me worried.

    Thanks for the chuckle.

  6. Kav, I still laugh over that goofy beagle (it’s especially funny in “slow mo”! And I found out that the cat on the fan was digitally created (for a commercial or something). It had me worried too!

    Delores, welcome back! Sounds like you’ll have lots of stories about this trip. And yes, you have lovely grandma laugh lines, because you’re a lovely grandma!

  7. Regina, I think that Rolloff story will live forever in our house. It’s a marker in the LeSeuer cemetery, a small town south of Minneapolis. We were at Mike’s uncle’s funeral – not a laughing matter, of course, but we couldn’t wait to get back in the car so we could laugh out loud!

  8. Having a beagle myself, I know they will do ANYTHING for food. I’ve got to teach Snickers that trick.

  9. And then take her on David Letterman, since it’s been awhile since Bailey was on there! Be sure to tell us when you’ll be on. 🙂

  10. I’m with you, Stacy — no pickle sour face for me as I [ahem] get older. (And I love your laugh!)Here’s one of those not-so-solemn moments. My friend sat beside me in church and leaned back on a sports bottle of water. The water squirted in the air like a geyser. We giggled all through the prayer.

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