And then there was none…

…as in books. Not a one gracing my cute antiquey wicker footstool which is actually my TBR shelf. It’s usually brimming with books, all carefully arranged in reading order. It’s situated at the end of my bed and is guaranteed to send a thrilling tingle up my spine first thing in the morning when I set eyes on it. Oh the sweet promises all those stories hold. The lure of adventure and romance. Countries to visit. Mysteries to solve. Heroes to fall for.

Yes, I might derive a bit too much comfort from my TBR pile as I learned all too well last week when…gasp…my gaze lit upon an empty footstool. All the books were gone. Read. Nestled in their permanent home on a Keeper Shelf. And that left me…GASP…bookless!

Well, not really bookless since I have hundreds of book-friends crowding my little home. But no new friends. Not a one. It was…traumatic. And frustrating since I should have seen it coming. I should have prepared more. Calculating the approximate number of reading hours on that pile and then divided it into days so I’d have plenty of time to stock up before I reached that last book.


But I didn’t. Despite this clever tracking system. Isn’t it pretty? It’s my Must Read list for 2015 – 2016. Those tabs each represent a month and then I write down the new releases I absolutely must read. Nothing like keeping your reader love totally organized, right?


Here’s a glimpse inside. See the way I check off the book once I receive it? And I make a notation about where I got it — review group, library or bookstore. Is that a little too organized for y’all?

Despite my efforts I never seem to manage to read every book on my list by the end of the year. I come close though. Now’s the time I make a new, abbreviated list. “The Ones That Got Away.” and then I lay hints on friends and family and I make a desperate last minute order from an online store, or head out to the local bookstore…okay, I usually do both…in a last ditch effort to read everything on my list.


This one looks so intriguing — and who can resist the lure of historical and suspense?


Two words: Irene Hannon — need I say more?


I’ve wanted to read one of Pepper’s books for ages but they are hard to come by in Canada. And super expensive to buy even from Book Depository (the Canadian dollar being what it is and all.)


I can’t resist a good Amish story…and this is a new-to-me author.


This is the Christmas story that got away andย it looks too sweet to resist.

So, how about you? Is your TBR pile hail and hearty? Are you as compulsive about tracking your reading life as I am? And what are the books that got away from you this year?






9 thoughts on “And then there was none…”

  1. Love your tracking system, Kav! Yes, I do track my reads, but not in such a pretty manner, I just use Goodreads. My TBR pile is very healthy right now – a bit too healthy at that, and if I don’t start whittling it down soon, it might grow way out of control! I’ve got Julie Klassen’s The Innkeeper of Ivy Hill, Lorna’s Seven Brides for Seven Texans compilation, Gabrielle Meyer’s A Mother in the Making and A Family Arrangement … And that’s just the tip of the “book”berg. I’ve got those books purchased, and they’re all waving at me, “Read me next!” but time in these past few months has just slipped away. I’m hoping to improve my reading habits for 2017! As for books that got away, Pepper’s A Twist of Faith is definitely on my list!

  2. I just signed up to review The Innkeeper of Ivy Hill — woot!!!! So I’ll be reading it soon. In fact I’ll be getting 5 books from Graf-Martin in the next week or two for January reviews. And isn’t it hard when your new book friends start squabbling over whose turn is next? So hard to keep them orderly. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Oh, Kav, you are soooo organized. I’m so…not. Since I have a Nook, I keep the books I want to read, but haven’t yet, on a wishlist. It keeps track of the prices, also so I can see when they go on sale. It isn’t near as handy as your pretty book.

    1. I love my pretty book. I have to buy a new one for 2017. So excited to start jotting down titles and authors of upcoming new releases in the new year. Woot!

  4. My tbr pile is empty. I saw Graf-Martin’s January offering and I drooled…literally. But since I’m in Arizona, I can only drool, not read. I’ll be checking out the local library and the bookstores!

  5. Kav, that’s so fun that you have an ACTUAL TBR pile! The OCD part of me puts my new books on the bookcase of their genre (yes, my books are organized by genre!). The books that aren’t alphabetized into the rest of the books are usually ones I haven’t read yet. As for books I’m looking forward to– I honestly haven’t been keeping up with new releases, so usually when I read a “new to me” book, it’s been out for several months/years. I just went through my book wish list, and most of them are at least a year or more old!

    1. My read books are neatly organized on bookshelves (genre themed) and alphabetical by author’s last name. ๐Ÿ™‚ But my TBR pile is just a mish mash of everything as it comes in. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I read Pepper’s book you mentioned – and I absolutely LOVED it!!! Her historicals are fantastic, as well!!! I have a pile on my nightstand, and right now it has some Christmas novels I happened to miss when they came out the first time. I haven’t re-read “The Substitute Guest” (Grace Livingston Hill) or Laura Ingalls Wilder’s “The Long Winter,” yet – but I will!! May your TBR pile start filling up SOON!!!

    1. I’m excited about Pepper’s books. Funny how hard they make it for Canadians to buy. Found that with other small presses too. But I persevere!

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