A Letter to My Teenage Self–You Are Never Alone

Dear Brenda,

I understand it’s a lonely time in your life. Making friends has never come easy. The same holds true for many your age. I wish I could say that struggle will ease over the years, but few things worthwhile are achieved without effort. As you strive, always remember to be yourself. God made you uniquely you and He treasures who you are. Remember, you are never alone.

And don’t forget to look for friendship within your own home. Siblings make the best of friends and will always be there for you.

Those dreams you have of writing a book, they’re more than just dreams. God has crafted that gift especially for you. Don’t ย bury those longings where you’ll never find them, but act on them. Receive God’s gift and multiply it. You’ll find no greater act of worship.

You’re growing up on a farm, one of the best places in the world, but it won’t always be there for you. Take time to enjoy the beauty around you. Cradle the kittens and roughhouse with the dog. Take walks through the cornfields and sing down by the lake. Throw snowballs and go sledding. Bike. Swim. Walk. Enjoy the skies dotted with innumerable stars and be awestruck by the northern lights. Breathe in lilac’s spring bloom and autumn’s spicy harvest.

Always accept your grandma’s offering of molasses cookies. Nothing fills her heart more than watching her children and grandchildren enjoy her baking. Your acceptance of her gift is her treasure.

Never stop making music, be it blending with a choir, harmonizing with friends, or playing guitar alone by the lake, praising the Creator of song. Music will always unlock your stoic facade and sing the truth to your heart.

And, in all things, remember the One who breathed life into you, the Giftor or your dreams, the Painter of nature, the Architect of music. Your life will climb peaks, slide into valleys, and plateau on the plains. Yet through every moment, He is with you.

Even when no one else is around, you are never alone.


Your older, wiser, and always-learning self.

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Brenda S. Anderson

Brenda S. Anderson is the author of the gritty Coming Home Series. She writes authentic and life-affirming fiction. Learn more about Brenda at www.BrendaAndersonBooks.com.

13 thoughts on “A Letter to My Teenage Self–You Are Never Alone”

  1. I also wish I could go back and treasure more the times on the farm when I was younger. You miss it when it’s gone.

    And you’re right-we’re never alone. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I like the line, “Your acceptance of her (Grandma’s)gift is her treasure.” That’s a good one. I need to acknowledge and encourage other people’s gifts from God. It would mean so much to them. Great post, Brenda.

  3. Dawn – I do miss the farm, but I’m so grateful I got to grow up there. Now I get to remember those days in writing.

    Shari – My grandparents had their own house on our farm. What a blessing! We could always make my grandma’s day by accepting her baked goods. Baking was one of God’s gifts to her & she had so much joy in sharing it.

  4. Brenda,

    What a beautiful letter to self, with so many word of wisdom. My favorite would have to be the phrase that God made you uniquely you. Thank you for sharing your gift with all of us.

  5. “Youโ€™re growing up on a farm, one of the best places in the world, but it wonโ€™t always be there for you.”

    Oh Brenda, that almost made me cry. I miss it so much, and like you, am so grateful to have grown up there. There’s just nothing like the freedom of having SPACE around you – and it takes a long time to truly appreciate it!

    Thanks for this, Brenda. I meant a lot to me!

  6. Thanks for the beautiful post Brenda. I could almost taste the cookies and I may have steal “autumn’s spicy harvest” in a book sometime.

    I think that no matter how many friends you have as a teen, you feel lonely. I think we all have to learn there is a difference in being alone and being lonely.

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